Sunday, October 7, 2007

10/7/07 Playlist

1. Mavis Staples: Turn Me Around (Songs from Sing Out!), Sing Out
2. Luke Powers: Man Behind (Picture Book), Phoebe Claire 7398
3. Carolann Solobello: Got A Minute? (Just Across the Water), Elizabeth Records 001
4. Bruce Springsteen & Pete Seeger: Hobo's Lullaby (Give Us Your Poor), Appleseed 1103]

5. Nerissa & Katryna Nields (Iron Horse 10/13): Give me A Clean Heart (Sister Holler), Mercy House
6. John Roberts & Tony Barrand (U'n'I 10/13): Our Hamlet (A Present from The Gentlemen), Golden Hind 101
7. Donna Martin (Roaring Brook 10/13): Cold Black Water (Seed & History), KSP
8. Phil Cooper, Margaret Nelson & Kate Early (Cooper & Nelson, Branford Folk 10/13): Kangaro / Rolling of The Stone (Love & War), self

9 & 10. Magpie (Sierra Club meeting, Pequot Museum, 10/20): The Magpie & Cordova (Living Planet), Collector 1948
11. Peter Case (Buttonwood Tree 10/15): Million Dollars Bail (Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John), Yep Roc 2160
12. Will Kimbrough (Wilde Auditorium 10/19): Act Like Nothing's Wrong (Americanitis), Daphne
13. Will Kimbrough: Eden Prairie (Will Kimbrough EP), Daphne

The soldier's POV:
14. Roy Zimmerman: Thanks for The Support (single), self
15. Mark Erelli: The Volunteer (single -- download), self
16. David Parry: The Volunteer (The Man from Eldorado: Songs and Stories of Robert W. Service), Borealis 106
17. Tom Paxton: The Willing Conscript (The Best -- I Can't Help but Wonder Where I'm Bound), Elektra / Rhino R2 73515
18. Tom Lehrer: It Makes A Fellow Proud to Be A Soldier (An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer), Reprise 6199

...and more:
19. Richard Thompson: I Ain't Marching Anymore (The Songs Pour Down Like Silver -- The Covers and Sessions), Free Reed 59
20. Bruce Springsteen: Devils and Dust (Devils and Dust), Columbia 93900
21. The Prince Myshkins: Let Me into Your Military (Shiny Round Object), self
22. Linda Thompson: Day after Tomorrow (Versatile Heart), Rounder 3217
23. Bruce Springsteen: Last to Die (Magic), Columbia 17060

A mixed bag!
For the town councils etc of Middletown and West Hartford:
24. Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi (Shine), Hear Music 30457

Myanmar, of course:
6. Roy Zimmerman: Let's Go after The Buddhists (Radio Sampler), self

It's Kieran Kane's birthday:
27. Kane Welch Kaplin: Red Light Blinking (Kane Welch Kaplin), Compass 4464

Pretty obvious:
28. Mel Torme: Early Autumn (Night at The Concord Pavilion), Concord Jazz 4433

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Nightingale's "Three," self

All from musing about the SCHIP-veto and the cost of the war and what it COULD be paying for (
29. Sweet Honey in The Rock: In the Middle of The Night (Experience...101), Appleseed 1104
30. James McMurtry: Can't Make It Here (radio edit / download)
31. Randy Newman: Mr. President [Have Pity on The Working Man] (Good Old Boys), Reprise / Rhino R2 73839
32. Todd Snider: Looking for A Job (The Devil You Know), New Door
33. John McCutcheon: It's the Economy, Stupid (Hail to The Chief!), Appalseed 2003
34. Peggy Seeger: Legal Illegal (Enough Is Enough -- EP), self http://www.pegseeger/
35. Carol Denney: The Rich Will Never Be Poor (The Rich Will Never Be Poor), self
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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