Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/25/09 Playlist

These were great in two thousand eight:
1. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands: Going to The West (Live), Spruce & Maple 2004
2. Mark Erelli: Five Beer Moon (Delivered), Signature Sounds 2014
3. Rose Laughlin: Storms on The Ocean (The Chicago Sessions), Ramblin' Rose
4. Tim Grimm: This Hole (Holding up The World), Vault 008

These are fine in two thousand nine:
5. Denise Jordan Finley: Wendigo (Hauntress), Dome Island
6. Loudon Wainwright III: Saw Your Name in The Paper (Recovery), Yep Roc 2181
7. Terri Hendrix: Posey Road Stomp (Left Over Alls), Wilory
8. Geoff Bartley: Bozos on The Road (Blackbirds in The Pie), Magic Crow 1004

A mix:
9. Eliza Gilkyson: Beautiful World (Beautiful World), Red House 212
10. Tom Rush: Fall into The Night [written by Eliza G] (What I Know), Appleseed 1115
11. Sloan Wainwright: There But for Fortune (Rediscovery), Derby Disc
12. Brian Vardigans: Springhill (Springhill), self

So long:
13. Ann Reed: Goodbye George (single download), self
14. Woody Guthrie: So Long, Its Been Good to Know You (Some Folk), Properbox 115
15. Karine Polwart: Sorry (This Earthly Spell), Proper 21252

Songs for Obama:
16. David Mallett: North Meets South (Song for Obama) (single download), self
17. Michael Franti & Spearhead: Obama Song (single download), self

From "Wells for Zoe," a benefit project for "Wells for Zoe -- Water for Life," Compass 4493
18. Maura O'Connell, The Duhks, Tim O'Brien, John Doyle: Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves
19. Karine Polwart & Tim O'Brien: Well for Zoe

20. Pete Morton: Two Brothers (Swarthmore), Harbourtown 044
21. Ellen Bukstel: Tikkun Olam, Repair the World (Daddy's Little Girl), self

It's the birth anniversary of both Ewan MacColl and Robert Burns -- MacColl first because I interviewed him once, but not so for Robert Burns.
22. Ewan MacColl: The Shoals of Herring (Black and White), Green Linnet 3058
23. Ed Miller: The Collier Laddie (Lyrics of Gold), Wellfield 027
24. Ewan MacColl: The Joy of Living (Black and White)
25. Ed Miller: The Rigs of Barley (Lyrics of Gold)

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over instrumental selections from "Wells for Zoe -- Water For Life," Compass 4493

It’s the economy, stupid:
26. Mark Graham: A Poor Man's Troubles (MP3), sent by Mark
27 & 28. Breadline Blues 1932 & Breadline Blues 2008 (Moneyland), McCoury Music 0005
29. James McMurtry: Can't Make It Here (radio edit single), self
30. Geoff Kaufman: I Need to Be Greedy (Touchstones), Cob's Cobble 1007

New and newish:
31. Jorma Kaukonen: Preachin' on The Old Campground (River of Time), Red House 217
32. Cindy Kallet / Ellen Epstein / Michael Cicone: Life Comes In (HeartWalk), Overall 3
33. Crabtree & Mills: The Price of Freedom (Freedom), Free & Easy
34. Pete Kennedy: 19 in Vietnam (Guitarslinger), self
35. Charlie King and Karen Brandow: The Money's Gonna Flow (Higher Ground), Vaguely Reminiscent 9022
36. Will Dudley with Evelyn Roper: Blue Collar Shirt (Compadres), self
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

More "Playing for Change"

On Sunday Dec. 2 I posted the first of the "Playing for Change" videos --
here's the second one:

and there's information about the releases of these songs and the forthcoming "Playing for Change" DVD at

NPR piece; Saving Folk History, One Recording At A Time

Saving Folk History, One Recording At A Time
By David Gura

All Things Considered
, January 22, 2009 - Judy Hyman plays fiddle in a band called The Horse Flies. In her living room in Ithaca, N.Y., there's a pine-wood dresser right next to the couch. It's not for shirts and sweaters — this used dresser holds hundreds of precious cassette tapes, an archive of rare recordings that spans more than three decades. She recorded many of them herself; the rest were gifts from other musicians and collectors.

Hyman's treasures include recordings of Jim Bowles and Harold Hausenfluck — both fiddlers, from Kentucky and Virginia, respectively. Their music is called "old-timey." It's what came before bluegrass.

This music has been passed down from generation to generation, and from musician to musician. There are versions of songs particular to different regions, and even to different families.

Recordings of these very particular performances — made in living rooms, kitchens and on front porches and called "field recordings" — are essential tools for anyone who wants to play this type of music.

"When you go down South and try to study with someone, they don't say, 'Well, you know, the first measure you play such and such,' " field recorder Ray Alden says. "They just play the tune."
Alden is a banjo player, a friend of Hyman's and a retired math teacher. One of the people he studied with was Fred Cockerham, a musician from Surry County, N.C. During his summer vacations, Alden scoured the South, looking for musicians.

"Unless you've got photographic memory," he says, "you have to record it, take it home, try to play, and then try again and just keep trying and trying until finally, hopefully, you get it."

A Grand Archive

A few years ago, Alden began to wonder what he was going to do with his collection of field recordings. He considered giving his collection to the Library of Congress, or to a university. However, Alden says he worried that they'd be hard for musicians like him to access, and that they'd gather dust lying on a metal shelf. Besides, what librarian in his or her right mind would let someone into the stacks with a banjo or a fiddle to learn a rare ballad or breakdown?

"If the people who are really interested and want to play it or hear it, have difficulty assessing it, what good is that?" Alden asks.

The rest of the story, plus music clips, is at

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1/18/09 Playlist

1. The No Shit Shirleys: Mountain Song (Nutrify), self
2. Pete Morton: Tren Arall / Another Train (Casa Abierta), Further Records 02
3. Terri Hendrix: Summerfly (Left Over Alls), Wilory
4. Coco & Lafe (Cambridge Underground), Cafe Loco), SkyHunter

Yep, it’s cold and snowy:
5. Charlie Maguire: I Like It Here / Oh Cold and Misery (Harbour Lights: The Second Voyage), Mello-Jamin
6. Loreena McKennitt: Snow (To Drive the Cold Winter Away), Quinlan Road 102
7. Geoff Bartley: Snowfall (One Kind Word), Waterbug 46
8. Tamarack: Blankets of Snow (Blankets of Snow), SGB 31
9. Claudia Schmidt: Rock That Sucker (Big Earful), Red House 19

For MLK’s birthday-holiday:
10. Tom Paxton: How Beautiful upon The Mountain (Comedians & Angels), Appleseed 1105
11. Sweet Honey in The Rock: Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King (Live at Carnegie Hall), Flying Fish 70106
12. James Taylor; Shed A Little Light (Live), Columbia C2K 47056
13. Grace Griffith: Beautiful Fool (Grace), Blix Street G2 10028
14. Neal & Leandra: Ready for Memphis (Stranger to My Kin), Red House 125

15. Odetta: Movin' It On (Freedom Is A Constant Struggle), Folk Era 1419
16. Trout Fishing in America: Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks (Big Round World), Trout Records 20
17. Kate Campbell: Freedom Train (Blues and Lamentations), Large River 4104
18. Greg Greenway: Sick and Tired (Standing on The Side of Love), Sheen of Heat 005

19. Eva Cassidy: People Get Ready (Songbird), Blix Street G2 10045
20. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (Spoken in Love), Long Tail 003
21. Jackson Browne: When the Stone Begins to Turn (World in Motion), Elektra 60830
22. Maria Muldaur et al: We Shall Be Free (Yes We Can!), Telarc 83672

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
23. The Mammals: The Bush Boys (Rock That Babe), Signature Sounds 1284
24. Magpie: Haul 'Em All off to Jail (Farewell to The Thief! Volume IV), Running Scared
25. Greg Brown: I Want My Country Back (In the Hills of California), Red House
26. Eliza Gilkyson: Man of God (Paradise Hotel), Red House 187
27. Jay Mankita: They Lied (Dogs Are Watching Us), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Russ Barenberg's When at Last, Compass 4459

Happy Inauguration Day:
28. David Mallett: Where the North Meets South (Song for Obama) (single)
29. Tom Pacheco: Man from Illinois (Railroad Rainbows & Talkin Blues), Frog's Claw
30. Kitty Donohoe: Ready for A Change (download), self
31. Donal Hinely: Winds of Change (Blue State Boy), Atom 1308
32. Will Kimbrough: Wind Blowing Change (Americanitis), Daphne 0607

33. Dan Bern: President (My Country II), Messenger 19
34. Terri Hendrix: Bring 'Em All In (Left Over Alls), Wilory
35. Maria Muldaur et al: Yes We Can, Can (Yes We Can!), Telarc 83672

Jeffrey Lucey, an Iraq vet, took his own life after he returned to his Massachusetts home. On Thursday it was reported that Lucey’s parents have been awarded $350,000 by the government in a wrongful death suit. Meg’s song followed my reading of a short segment of Sophocles “Ajax” wherein Ajax apparently suffered from PTSD:
36. Meg Hutchinson: Song for Jeffrey Lucey (Come So Full), Red House 209
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Seegers and Springsteen in Inaugural Concert Rehearsal

The sound is not wonderful, but it's nice to see these guys singing in the cold, and the nearly-90-year-old Pete jogging off the stage!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/11/09 Playlist

A partial review of my favorite CDs from 2008, plus a couple of interviews

1. Joel Mabus: Firelake (The Joel Mabus Omnibus), Fossil 1908
2. Lindsay Mac: 7 Stones (Stop Thinking), self
3. Terence Martin: Who's Breathing All The Air (Even Trade), Good Dog 006
4. Patty Larkin: Traveling Alone (Watch the Sky), Vanguard 79851

5. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines: It'll Be Me / I'll Be Looking for You (A Night in Woodstock), Mojo Rodeo 1950
6. Anne Feeney: How Much for The Life of A Miner? (Dump The Bosses of Your Back), self
7. Donal Hinely: Winds of Change (Blue State Boy), Scuffletown /Atom 1308
8. Kitty Donohoe: Ready for A Change (single download), self
9. Kitty Donohoe: 100% Chance of The Blues (Northern Border), Roheen 7
10. Pat Donohue: Nordeast Rag (Freewayman), Bluesky 929
11. Maria Muldaur et al: We Shall Be Free (Yes We Can!), Telarc 83672

Interview with Tish Hinojosa, recorded 12/5/08
12. with Carrie Rodriguez: Mi Pueblo (Our Little Planet), self
13. Mountain Lullaby (live)
14. Our Little Planet (live)
15. A La Nanita Nana (live)

16. Charlie King and Karen Brandow: You Can't Buy Me (Higher Ground), Vaguely Reminiscent 9022
17. Rachael Davis: Sweetwater Sea (Antebellum Queens), Fox on A Hill 04
18. Jim Henry: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (King of Hearts), Money Sink
19. Priscilla Herdman: Ideas Are Like Stars (Into the Stars), Stardreamer 2001

Guests Howie Bursen and Jeff Davis, in to promote the benefit concert for the NorthEast Emergency Food Bank at The Vanilla Bean on Jan 24
20. Molly Put the Kettle On medley
21. My Girl's Waiting for Me
22. Arkansas Traveler / Angeline the Baker

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Catriona McKay's "Starfish," Compass 4489

Two downloads:
23. Dan Berggren: Whistleblower
24. Christine Lavin: Attractive Stupid People

25. Robin & Linda Williams: Maybelle's Guitar and Monroe's Mandolin (Buena Vista), Red House Records 213
26. Pete Morton: Casa Abierta (Casa Abierta), Further Records 002
27. Asylum Street Spankers: Stick A Yellow Ribbon (What, and Give Up Show Business?), Yellow Dog 1408
28. Three Tall Pines: Bring the Wagon Home (Short While Ago), self
29. The Nields: Who Are You Not to Shine? (Rock All Day, Rock All Night), Mercy House
30. Todd Snider: Fortunate Son (Peace Queer), Aimless
31. Paul Reddick: Blue Wings (Sugar Bird), NorthernBlues 0050
32. Darrell Scott: The Devil (Modern Hymns), Appleseed 1111
33. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Darwin Song Project

Neil of the British online record retailer Fish Records has been organizing The Darwin Song Project:

Eight artists are coming together for a songwriting residential in March 2009, where they will live together for a week in a beautiful 16th Century Shropshire farmhouse to write new songs that have a resonance and relevance to the life and works of Charles Darwin.The artists involved on the project areChris Wood, Karine Polwart, Mark Erelli, Krista Detor, Stu Hanna (Megson), Rachael McShane (Bellowhead)Emily Smith, Jez Lowe.

Full details of the project are on the dedicated websiteThe project will be covered by BBC Radio 4 in a documentary that will be aired in late March.There is a concert at the end of the songhouse where the artists will perform the results of the residential in the brand new riverside Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury on March 19th.

Monday, January 5, 2009

30 Most Played Folk Artists, 2008

Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 166787 airplays from 200 different DJs

1. Eliza Gilkyson: Beautiful World: Wildewood Spring
2. Pete Seeger: At 89: Waist Deep In The Big Muddy
3. Bob Dylan: Times They Are A-Changin: Times They Are A-Changin
4. Joel Mabus: Retold: Naked Truth
5. Tim O'Brien: Chameleon: Where's Love Come From
6. Tom Paxton: Comedians And Angels: How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
7. Emmylou Harris: All I Intended To Be: How She Could Sing The Wildwood Flower
8. Joan Baez: Day After Tomorrow: God Is God
9. Joe Crookston: Able Baker Charlie And Dog: Logical Song
10. Robin And Linda Williams: Buena Vista: When A Thread Gets Caught
11. John McCutcheon: This Fire: Hope Dies Last
12. Red Molly: Love And Other Tragedies: Summertime
13. Crooked Still: Still Crooked: Tell Her To Come Back Home
14. Chuck Brodsky: 2 Sets: He Came To Our Town
15. Greg Brown: One Night: Canned Goods
15. Utah Phillips: Good Though!: Daddy, What's A Train?
17. Carrie Newcomer: Geography Of Light: There Is A Tree
17. The Duhks: Fast Paced World: Mighty Storm
19. Pat Wictor: Sunset Waltz: Well, Well, Well
20. Darrell Scott: Modern Hymns: American Tune
20. Kathy Mattea: Coal: Green Rolling Hills
22. John Gorka: Writing In The Margins: When You Sing
23. Tim Grimm: Holding Up The World: Or Bust
24. Danny Schmidt: Little Grey Sheep: Company Of Friends
25. The Kennedys: Better Dreams: Give Me Back My Country
26. Dar Williams: Promised Land: Holly Tree
26. Jackson Browne: Solo Acoustic 1: In The Shape Of A Heart
28. Brooks Williams: Time I Spend: 61 Highway
29. Kate Campbell: Save The Day: Save The Day
30. Dave Carter And Tracy Grammer: Drum Hat Buddha: Gentle Arms Of Eden

Sunday, January 4, 2009

1/4/09 Playlist

Next week: an interview recorded with Tish Hinojosa 12/5/08

The first show of the new year – includes several of my favorite CDs from 2008, but I’m just warming up!

Three songs of hope offered as downloads by
1. Diana Jones: Better Times Will Come
2. Doc Watson: Ready for The Times to Get Better
3. Tim Eriksen & Shape Note Singers: Better Days Are Coming

4. Ani DiFranco: Smiling Underneath (Red Letter Year), Righteous Babe 063
5. David Stoddard: Winter (Get Off My Lawn), self]
6. Emmylou Harris: Kern River (All I Intended to Be), Nonesuch 480444
7. Lunasa: Feabhra (The Story So Far), Compass 4475

8. Robin & Linda Williams: I'm Invisible Man (Buena Vista), Red House Records 213
9. Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez: Red Dog Tracks (Live from The Ruhr Triennale), Train Wreck 0027
10. Sugar Bayou: He's Just Weak (Dance Hall Incident), Spare Parts 56474
11. Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters: Wanderlust (Phoenix), Happy Appy 7

12. Anais Mitchell & Rachel Ries: Grace the Day (Country E.P.), Righteous Babe 058-D
13. Bob Zentz: A Dog's Life (Closehauled on The Wind of A Dream), self
14. Erica Wheeler: Good Summer Rain (Good Summer Rain), Blue Pie 0400
15. Paul Thorn: What Have You Done to Life Somebody Up (A Long Way from Tupelo), Perpetual Obscurity 20089

Guests: Eden MacAdam-Somer & Larry Unger (Notorious) -- they'll play at The Vanilla Bean on Saturday
16. Hangman's Reel (live)
17. Do Di Li (live)
18. Lonesome John
19. Romanian Train Song (Elkins), Black Socks 27
20. Route 66 (live)
21. Two Rivers (live)

22. Notorious: Whiplash/Greasy Coat (Elkins), Black Socks
23. Still on The Hill: Take Me to The Other Side (Ozark), self
24. Skye Zentz: Ode to An Absent Self (Legitimate Bohemia), self
25. Jason Spooner: Hover (The Flame You Follow), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Wagtail's "One Clear Moment," self

Some CDs brand new (to the station, anyway):
26. Toby Walker: Better Luck Next Time (Hand Picked), Band in The Hand
27. Donna Ulisse: When I Look Back (When I Look Back), Hadley Music Group
28. Jon Vezner: Nobody Dies in This Song (We Remember), Mini-Apples Music
29. Po'Girl: All My Tears (Deer in The Night), Po'Girl Music

30. Kathy Mattea: Coal Tattoo (Coal), Thirty Tigers
31. Tim O'Brien: This World Was Made for Everyone (Chameleon), Proper / Howdy Skies
32. Eliza Gilkyson: The Great Correction (Beautiful World), Red House 212
33. B illy Bragg: Sing Their Souls Back Home (Mr. Love & Justice), Anti-
34. Eliza Gilkyson: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Friday, January 2, 2009

Forthcoming Double CD Tribute to Utah Phillips

From Dan Schatz,
December 29, 2008

It is an absolute joy to announce the upcoming release of Singing Through the Hard Times - a Tribute to Utah Phillips, a double CD on Righteous Babe Records. Musicians include Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Emmylou Harris and Mary Black, John McCutcheon, as well as several Mudcatters, including Kendall, Jean Ritchie, myself, Big Mick, Mark Ross, and more. The official release date is February 24, but it should be available from Righteous Babe a few weeks before that.

It all happened like this:

Last winter, when Utah Phillips was very ill, a number of folks were planning benefit concerts for him. At a gathering in Maine, I started talking with Kendall and Jacqui Morse about maybe putting together a benefit CD - a little CD-R, perhaps, of songs by and for Utah from various friends and admirers. The funds would go to defray the medical expenses.

Jacqui went into the kitchen, tapped Gordon Bok on the shoulder, and said, "Gordon, I wonder if I might have a word?" Two minutes later she came back and said, "Gordon says he'll do Goodnight Loving Trail." An hour later Will Brown and Cindy Kallet had agreed to do "Going Away," I'd put myself down for "Queen of the Rails," Kendall for "Phoebe Snow," Kat Logan for "The Faded Roses of December," and Jacqui and Kendall for "Miner's Lullaby."

Kendall wrote to Pete Seeger, and Tom Paxton, who both said "Yes." I talked to John McCutcheon, Si Kahn and Cathy Fink. Mark Ross joined us, and a slew of Rose Tattoo Folks. Mick Lane said yes. Rosalie Sorrels said yes. Magpie said yes. Jean Ritchie said yes. Art Thieme said yes. And Emmylou Harris and Mary Black agreed to donate a rare recording of the two of them singing "The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia" as a duet. Utah suggested talking to Harry Tuft, who said yes. Ani DiFranco donated a fabulous instrumental version of "The Internationale" and offered to release the album on her label, Righteous Babe Records. Charlie Pilzer agreed to master. Everyone we asked said yes - in the end we completely filled two CDs with 39 tracks of amazing music.

Of the 39 tracks on the CD, all but 10 are brand new recordings - and many of the 10 are fairly rare. The title song, "Singing Through the Hard Times" is an ensemble piece with Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, Magpie, Emma's Revolution, myself and a host of others. Like a few songs on this compilation, it's never been recorded before. There's even a recording of Utah's son, Brendan, and his band Fast Rattler singing a never recorded Utah song from long ago.

All proceeds go to Joanna, Utah's wife, to help with the many remaining expenses, and anything she doesn't need will go to organizations that help musicians in need.

I can't even begin to express the amount of love, care and generosity from so many people that went into this recording - especially Kendall and Jacqui Morse, who worked very hard to turn this from a small project to a Big Deal. There were lots of folks, too, who heard about the project and offered to send recordings, but sadly, we'd already filled up. They too deserve thanks.

So that's the story. I'm heading out to California, and am planning to debut the CD in a KVMR - fm radio show this Friday or Saturday.

Here's the complete track list.

1. Magpie, Dan Schatz, Emma's Revolution, Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer and Friends - Singing through the Hard Times (3:26)
2. Will Brown, Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen - Going Away (4:55)
3. Emmylou Harris and Mary Black - Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia (3:36)
4. Si Kahn - Dump the Bosses Off Your Back (1:39)
5. John McCutcheon - All Used Up (3:16)
6. Saul Broudy - Starlight on the Rails (4:18)
7. Lisa Null - All About Preachers (3:12)
8. Harry Tuft and Jack Stanesco - She'll Never Be Mine (3:01)
9. Larry Penn - The Popular Wobbly ( 2:44)
10. Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer - Room for the Poor (5:08)
11. Sparky and Rhonda Rucker - Reuben's Train (3:11)
12. Fast Rattler - Paddy Welcome Back (4:39)
13. Magpie - Michael (4:52)
14. Ed Trickett - The Telling Takes Me Home (3:36)
15. Kendall Morse - Phoebe Snow (3:18)
16. Faith Petric - If I Could Be the Rain (2:40)
17. Dan Schatz - Queen of the Rails (3:11)
18. Judy Cook - Kid's Liberation (2:23)
19: Pete Seeger - Or Else! (One-a These Days) (3:23)

Disc 2:

1. Gordon Bok - Goodnight Loving Trail (3:43)
2. Rosalie Sorrels - The Soldier's Return (2:38)
3. Tom Paxton - I Remember Loving You (4:17)
4. Elizabeth LaPrelle - Jesse's Corrido (3:37)
5. Bruce Brackney - Hood River, Roll On (2:40)
6. Pop and Bodie Wagner and Dakota Dave Hull - Old Buddy, Goodnight (3:19)
7. Mick Lane - Hallelujah I'm a Bum (2:44)
8. Ani DiFranco - The Internationale - instrumental (2:46)
9. Kat Logan - The Faded Roses of December (3:27)
10. Jay Peterson - Daddy, What's a Train? (3:36)
11. Ray Bierl - Bill McCarran (3:20)
12. Finest Kind - He Comes Like Rain (3:29)
13. Mark Ross - Look for Me in Butte (3:19)
14. Jacqui Morse - The Miner's Lullaby (3:28)
15. Rik Palieri - Larimer Street (3:19)
16. Jean Ritchie - Old George's Square (3:05)
17. Taylor Whiteside - Rock Salt and Nails (3:41)
18. Art Thieme - The Hobo's Last Ride (2:40)
19. Caroline Paton - Singing in the Country (3:00)
20. Emma's Revolution - Hymn Song (3:45)

The CD is listed by Righteous Babe at a VERY reasonable $15.98 and if you buy directly from Righteous Babe Records, all the proceeds will go to the benefit! They haven't gotten it up on their website yet, but you can call them at 1-800-ON-HER-OWN (716-852-7978 for international customers) and ask for the Utah tribute – item number RBR065-2-CD . Even better, you can e-mail them at