Sunday, January 18, 2009

1/18/09 Playlist

1. The No Shit Shirleys: Mountain Song (Nutrify), self
2. Pete Morton: Tren Arall / Another Train (Casa Abierta), Further Records 02
3. Terri Hendrix: Summerfly (Left Over Alls), Wilory
4. Coco & Lafe (Cambridge Underground), Cafe Loco), SkyHunter

Yep, it’s cold and snowy:
5. Charlie Maguire: I Like It Here / Oh Cold and Misery (Harbour Lights: The Second Voyage), Mello-Jamin
6. Loreena McKennitt: Snow (To Drive the Cold Winter Away), Quinlan Road 102
7. Geoff Bartley: Snowfall (One Kind Word), Waterbug 46
8. Tamarack: Blankets of Snow (Blankets of Snow), SGB 31
9. Claudia Schmidt: Rock That Sucker (Big Earful), Red House 19

For MLK’s birthday-holiday:
10. Tom Paxton: How Beautiful upon The Mountain (Comedians & Angels), Appleseed 1105
11. Sweet Honey in The Rock: Letter to Dr. Martin Luther King (Live at Carnegie Hall), Flying Fish 70106
12. James Taylor; Shed A Little Light (Live), Columbia C2K 47056
13. Grace Griffith: Beautiful Fool (Grace), Blix Street G2 10028
14. Neal & Leandra: Ready for Memphis (Stranger to My Kin), Red House 125

15. Odetta: Movin' It On (Freedom Is A Constant Struggle), Folk Era 1419
16. Trout Fishing in America: Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks (Big Round World), Trout Records 20
17. Kate Campbell: Freedom Train (Blues and Lamentations), Large River 4104
18. Greg Greenway: Sick and Tired (Standing on The Side of Love), Sheen of Heat 005

19. Eva Cassidy: People Get Ready (Songbird), Blix Street G2 10045
20. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (Spoken in Love), Long Tail 003
21. Jackson Browne: When the Stone Begins to Turn (World in Motion), Elektra 60830
22. Maria Muldaur et al: We Shall Be Free (Yes We Can!), Telarc 83672

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
23. The Mammals: The Bush Boys (Rock That Babe), Signature Sounds 1284
24. Magpie: Haul 'Em All off to Jail (Farewell to The Thief! Volume IV), Running Scared
25. Greg Brown: I Want My Country Back (In the Hills of California), Red House
26. Eliza Gilkyson: Man of God (Paradise Hotel), Red House 187
27. Jay Mankita: They Lied (Dogs Are Watching Us), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Russ Barenberg's When at Last, Compass 4459

Happy Inauguration Day:
28. David Mallett: Where the North Meets South (Song for Obama) (single)
29. Tom Pacheco: Man from Illinois (Railroad Rainbows & Talkin Blues), Frog's Claw
30. Kitty Donohoe: Ready for A Change (download), self
31. Donal Hinely: Winds of Change (Blue State Boy), Atom 1308
32. Will Kimbrough: Wind Blowing Change (Americanitis), Daphne 0607

33. Dan Bern: President (My Country II), Messenger 19
34. Terri Hendrix: Bring 'Em All In (Left Over Alls), Wilory
35. Maria Muldaur et al: Yes We Can, Can (Yes We Can!), Telarc 83672

Jeffrey Lucey, an Iraq vet, took his own life after he returned to his Massachusetts home. On Thursday it was reported that Lucey’s parents have been awarded $350,000 by the government in a wrongful death suit. Meg’s song followed my reading of a short segment of Sophocles “Ajax” wherein Ajax apparently suffered from PTSD:
36. Meg Hutchinson: Song for Jeffrey Lucey (Come So Full), Red House 209
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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