Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/25/09 Playlist

These were great in two thousand eight:
1. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands: Going to The West (Live), Spruce & Maple 2004
2. Mark Erelli: Five Beer Moon (Delivered), Signature Sounds 2014
3. Rose Laughlin: Storms on The Ocean (The Chicago Sessions), Ramblin' Rose
4. Tim Grimm: This Hole (Holding up The World), Vault 008

These are fine in two thousand nine:
5. Denise Jordan Finley: Wendigo (Hauntress), Dome Island
6. Loudon Wainwright III: Saw Your Name in The Paper (Recovery), Yep Roc 2181
7. Terri Hendrix: Posey Road Stomp (Left Over Alls), Wilory
8. Geoff Bartley: Bozos on The Road (Blackbirds in The Pie), Magic Crow 1004

A mix:
9. Eliza Gilkyson: Beautiful World (Beautiful World), Red House 212
10. Tom Rush: Fall into The Night [written by Eliza G] (What I Know), Appleseed 1115
11. Sloan Wainwright: There But for Fortune (Rediscovery), Derby Disc
12. Brian Vardigans: Springhill (Springhill), self

So long:
13. Ann Reed: Goodbye George (single download), self
14. Woody Guthrie: So Long, Its Been Good to Know You (Some Folk), Properbox 115
15. Karine Polwart: Sorry (This Earthly Spell), Proper 21252

Songs for Obama:
16. David Mallett: North Meets South (Song for Obama) (single download), self
17. Michael Franti & Spearhead: Obama Song (single download), self

From "Wells for Zoe," a benefit project for "Wells for Zoe -- Water for Life," Compass 4493
18. Maura O'Connell, The Duhks, Tim O'Brien, John Doyle: Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves
19. Karine Polwart & Tim O'Brien: Well for Zoe

20. Pete Morton: Two Brothers (Swarthmore), Harbourtown 044
21. Ellen Bukstel: Tikkun Olam, Repair the World (Daddy's Little Girl), self

It's the birth anniversary of both Ewan MacColl and Robert Burns -- MacColl first because I interviewed him once, but not so for Robert Burns.
22. Ewan MacColl: The Shoals of Herring (Black and White), Green Linnet 3058
23. Ed Miller: The Collier Laddie (Lyrics of Gold), Wellfield 027
24. Ewan MacColl: The Joy of Living (Black and White)
25. Ed Miller: The Rigs of Barley (Lyrics of Gold)

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over instrumental selections from "Wells for Zoe -- Water For Life," Compass 4493

It’s the economy, stupid:
26. Mark Graham: A Poor Man's Troubles (MP3), sent by Mark
27 & 28. Breadline Blues 1932 & Breadline Blues 2008 (Moneyland), McCoury Music 0005
29. James McMurtry: Can't Make It Here (radio edit single), self
30. Geoff Kaufman: I Need to Be Greedy (Touchstones), Cob's Cobble 1007

New and newish:
31. Jorma Kaukonen: Preachin' on The Old Campground (River of Time), Red House 217
32. Cindy Kallet / Ellen Epstein / Michael Cicone: Life Comes In (HeartWalk), Overall 3
33. Crabtree & Mills: The Price of Freedom (Freedom), Free & Easy
34. Pete Kennedy: 19 in Vietnam (Guitarslinger), self
35. Charlie King and Karen Brandow: The Money's Gonna Flow (Higher Ground), Vaguely Reminiscent 9022
36. Will Dudley with Evelyn Roper: Blue Collar Shirt (Compadres), self
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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