Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/26/09 Playlist

1. Trent Wagler & Jay Lapp: Go Up to That Mountain (Adrienna Valentine), self
2. Burning Bridget Cleary: Jimmy Leg Set (Everythng Is Alright), self
3. Michael Berkowitz: The Perfect Record Collection (A Song for Every Station), self
4. We're About 9: Nobody Flying (Paperdust : Stardust), self
5. Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat (Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition), Shout Factory

6. Ben Bedford: Fisher's Hill (Land of The Shadows), Hopeful Sky
7. Cindy Kalmenson: I Want It Back (I'm Not Leaving), Big Gack
8. Richard Shindell: Mariana's Table (Not Far Now), Signature Sounds
9. Naomi Sommers: Mama's House (Gentle As The Sun), American Melody

I had hoped to play a few songs about prepping gardens, but three were on LPs and the turntables were down:
10. Stephanie Davis: Talkin' Harvest Time Blues (download)

1. Debra Cowan: The Rainbow (Fond Desire Farewell), Falling Mountain
12. Brian Vardigans: Springhill (Springhill), self
13. Carla Sciaky: Under The Quarter Moon (Rewind: The Vinyl Years), Propinquity
14. Craig Bickhardt: A Day Well Spent (Brother to The Wind), Stone Barn

First kayak venture of the year yesterday – 89 degrees in Connecticut. Whew.
15. Domestic Science Club: Kayaking (Domestic Science Club), Discovery (1994)
16. Nancy White: The Eskimo Roll (Canoesongs Volume II), Portage
17. Carolann Ames: Where to Now St. Peter? (So Long Abilene), Ear Candy
18. Jeff (Jennifer) Hale: Blue Canoe Lullaby (Canoesongs), Portage

Same-sex marriage is now codified in CT. There was a huge effort by the National Organization for Marriage and others to scare voters into calling their legislators and urge failing the bill, but it didn’t work. I read Susan Campbell’s column “Why Use Fear When There’s So Much Need for Love?”,0,3401339.column
19. Roy Zimmerman: Defenders of Marriage (Faulty Intelligence), Metaphor
20. Iris DeMent: Let The Mystery Be (Infamous Angel), Warner Bros
21. Susan Werner: Why Is Your Heaven So Small? (The Gospel Truth), Sleeve Dog

Using religion for the wrong reasons:
22. Chuck Brodsky: In the Beginning (Tulips for Lunch), Waterbug
23. Tom Waits: Road to Peace (Orphans), Anti-
24. Steve Earle: Rich Man's War (The Revolution Starts ... Now), Artemis E-squared
25. Eliza Gilkyson: Tender Mercies (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House
26. Kevin Keady: Go for Your Guns (The Off-Season), Camp

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Bill Frisell's "The Best of Bill Frisell: Vol 1, Folk Songs," Nonesuch

27. Lori Lieberman: Killing Me Softly (Gun Metal Sky), Drive On
28. Jack Williams: The Heart of Saturday Night (Don't Let Go), Wind River
29. The Folkaltones: All Is Quiet (Tuning Up), Propinquity
30. Bill Cooley with Kathy Mattea: Madman Across The Water (The Return Journey), Nancy Lee
31. Jack Williams: Biloxi (Don't Let Go), Wind River

32. The Victor Mourning: Zachariah (Fire Fire Demos), Backwoods Modern
33. Wendy Wall: Fool's Gold (The Road to Paradise), Tumblestone
34. Toby Walker: Better Luck Next Time (Hand Picked), Band in The Hand
35. Laura Love: Passin' (NeGrass), Octoroon Biography
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

Seeger birthday celebrations EVERYWHERE on May 3

Clay Eals, Steve Goodman's biographer (Facing The Music), has just posted a note drawing attention to the fact that there are going to be MANY celebrations for Pete on May 3.

Clay says "Spurred by the Internet proliferation of an idea advanced by Marie Goonan, a Seeger enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia, a grassroots movement has taken hold to schedule concerts all over the world on May 3, Seeger's 90th, to pay tribute to the legendary musician and humanitarian. Marie's apt and catchy suggestion for a theme for these shows is "For Pete's Sake: Sing!" "

He was kind enough to provide a list of events, and says "you might Google for more. Seems like shows keep getting added every day."

Seattle, WA

Huntington, NY

Telkwa, BC

Ithaca, NY

Richmond, VA

Rockville, MD

Boston, MA

Sherborn, MA

Bellingham, WA

Knoxville, TN

Dayton, OH
(an amazing poster!)

In Australia:

In Scotland:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

4/19/09 Playlist

1. Glen Reid: Wolves at The Gate (Dusty Ol' Denim), Royston Road
2. Celeste Krenz: I Know You (My Mother and Me), High Horse
3. Paul Kaplan: Henry the Accountant (The Folk Process), Old Coat
4. Priscilla Herdman: The Galaxy Song (Into the Stars), Stardreamer
5. Anders Osborne: Lucky One (Coming Home), M.C. Records
6. Anais Mitchell & Rachael Ries: O My Star! (Country E.P.), Righteous Babe 058
7. Bill Morrissey: Dangerous Way (Come Running), Turn and Spin
8. Gretchen Peters with Tom Russell: Wolves (One to The Heart, One to The Head), Scarlet Letter

9. Jed Marum: The Town I Loved So Well (Sands of Aberdeen), Boston Road
10. Sally Rogers, Claudia Schmidt, Howie Bursen: Ezekial Saw the Wheel (Closing the Distance), Flying Fish
11. Todd Snider: Cape Henry (Peace Queer), Aimless
12. Po' Girl: All My Tears (Deer in The Night), self

Earth Day’s Wednesday:
13. Rachel Carson speaking shortly after the publication of "Silent Spring" (Songs for The Earth: A Tribute to Rachel Carson), MUSE
14. Tom Paxton: When It's Gone, It's Gone (It Ain't Easy), Flying Fish 70574
15. Malvina Reynolds: What Have They Done to The Rain? (Ear to The Ground), Smithsonian Folkways
16. Tom Paxton, Anne Hills, Bob Gibson: Something's Wrong with The Rain (Best of Friends), Appleseed 1077
17. Tish Hinojosa: Something in The Rain (Songs for The Earth), MUSE

18. Mark Erelli: Imaginary Wars (Hope & Other Casualties), Signature Sounds
19. Cris Williamson: Waters of Spokane (Real Deal), Wolf Moon
20. Tom Paxton & Anne Hills: There Goes the Mountain (Under American Skies), Appleseed
21. Eliza Gilkyson: Beautiful World (Beautiful World), Red House

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Tony Trischka's "Territory," Smithsonian Folkways 40169

Interview with Carla Sciaky, recorded April 14
22. Lark in The Morning (live)
23. Hymn to Life (live, with daughter Chloe Prendergast)
24. Too Easy to Break (live)
25. Bouncing Back (Rewind: The Vinyl Years), Propinquity []
26. Ode to Erma Bombeck (live)

27. Jack Williams (Sounding Board 4/25): The Heart of Saturday Night20(Don't Let Go), Wind River
28. Josee Vachon: Quand le soleil dit bonjour (25 Ans), CeVon
29 - 31. Dar Williams (it’s her birthday): You Are Everyone, Holly Tree, The Tide Falls Away (Promised Land), Razor & Tie 793018
32. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mountain Aid -- The Concert

June 19-20 in Chatham County, North Carolina

"Mountain Aid" will raise funds for the Pennies of Promise campaign to build a new school for the children of Marsh Fork Elementary. Located in Raleigh County, West Virginia, the school is threatened daily by a 2.8 billion gallon coal sludge impoundment in the hills above them. [In the video on the page, the sludge pond is described as being held back by a dam just 350 feet from the school; the pond contains toxic sludge which includes dangerous levels of lead and mercury, for starters.]

According to West Virginia state officials, however, a new school is a fiscal impossibility. "Mountain Aid" will help Ed Wiley and the Pennies of Promise campaign raise the money for a new school themselves. The goal is eight million dollars. Help us help the children of Marsh Fork Elementary by enjoying this world class music event in the beautiful hills of North Carolina.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

4/12/09 Playlist

1. Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Rising High Water Blues (A Stranger Here), Anti- 87005
2. Kerri Powers: Low Down Low (Faith in the Shadows), self
3. Richard Shindell: Gethsemani Goodbye (Not Far Now), Signature Sounds 2020
4. Ashleigh Flynn: American Dream (American Dream), Home Perm

5. Mike and Ruthy: Short While (The Honeymoon Agenda), Humble Abode 010
6. Rod Picott & Amanda Shires: Salida (Sew Your Heart with Wires), self
7. Bill and Kate Isles: True in You (Matching Baggage), self
8. Gretchen Peters with Tom Russell: These Cowboys Born out of Their Time (One to The Heart, One to The Head), Scarlet Letter

9. Rod MacDonald: Stop the War (After the War), Blue Flute
10. Peggy Seeger: Bring Me Home (Bring Me Home), Appleseed 1106
11. Darrell Scott: Out Among the Stars (Modern Hymns), Appleseed 1111
12. Lynn Miles: Night Drive (Black Flowers Volume 1), self

13. Bela Fleck with D'Gary: Kinetsa (Throw Down Your Heart), Rounder 0634
14. Lissa Schneckenburger: Jam on Gerry's Rock / Willie's (Song), Footprint
15. Corb Lund with Ramblin' Jack Elliott: The Truck Got Stuck Talkin' Blues (Hair in My Eyes Like A Highland Steer), Stony Plain 1309
16. Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Soul of A Man (A Stranger Here), Anti- 87005

17. Carrie Newcomer: Don't Push Send (The Geography of Light), Philo 1253

From "Appalachia: Music from Home," Lonesome Records
18. Darrell Scott: Banjo Clark
19. Molly Slemp: The Blackest Crow
20. Ralph Stanley: Gloryland
21. Jean Ritchie: Pretty Saro

22 & 23. Carla Sciaky: Sjala Moma Ran Bosilek & And I Will Sing (In Between), Propinquity LP
24. Luka Bloom: Sunday (Eleven Songs), Bar / None 195
25. Jenny Agutter: Garden Waste (Top Cat, White Tie & Tails -- Guide Cats for the Blind volume 3), Osmosys
26. Charlotte Green: VoiceMail (Guide Cats for The Blind), Osmosys

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Magical Strings' "Dances and Dreams -- Best of Magical Strings," self-released

22. Elizabeth LaPrelle: East Virginia (Lizard in The Spring), Old 97 Wrecords 011
23-25. John McCutcheon: Not Me, Dick Cheney, Oprah Seat (This Fire), Appalsongs

26. Patty Larkin: Cover Me (Watch the Sky), Vanguard 79851
27. Drew Nelson: Grandmother20Moon (Dusty Road to Beulah Land), Waterbug 87
28. Carolann Solobello: The Sinner and The Saint (Just Across the Water), Elizabeth Records 001
29. Ben Sollee: Bend (Learning to Bend), Thirty Tigers

30. Oisin McAuley: Souvenir of Venice / Belle of The Stage (Far from The Hills of Donegal), Compass 4446
31. Chuck McCabe: Partisan Polka (Creatures of Habit), Woodshed 7608
32. Evalyn Parry: Bottle This! (These Times), Borealis 191
33. Rufus Wainwright: Albatross (Born to The Breed), Wildflower 1313
34. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

4/5/09 Playlist

Shortened show due to basketball preemption

1. Sara Watkins: Long Hot Summer Day (Sara Watkins), Nonesuch 516987
2. James Talley: Whiskey and Beer (Heartsong), Cimarron download
3. Sometymes Why: Cold Feet Blues (Your Heart Is A Glorious Machine), Signature Sounds 2019
4. Slaid Cleaves: Green Mountains and Me (Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away), Music Road Promo

5. Debra Cowan: Alcohol (Fond Desire Farewell), Falling Mountain 1054
6. The Resentments: Wanderin' Boy (Roselight), Freedom Records
7. Idgy Vaughn: Mister Wrong (Origin Story), self
8. Steve James: Folk Radio (Short Blue Stories), Hobemian 013

9. Susan Werner: A Hazy Shade of Winter (Classics), Sleeve Dog 014
10. The Wood Brothers: Make Me Down A Pallet on Your Floor (Loaded), Blue Note
11. Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream on Mondays: The Next Big Bang (Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up), Little Sandwich
12. Old 97s: No Mother (Drag It Up), New West 6057

Interview with Danny Schmidt recorded March 28, 2009
13. Better off Broke (live)
14. [with Carrie Elkin] Serpentine Cycle of Money (Instead, The Forest Rose to Sing), Red House
15. Guilty by Association Blues (live)
16. Stained Glass (live)
17. Two-Timing Bank Robber's Lament (live)

18. Carrie Elkin: Black Lung (The Jeopardy of Circumstance), self

For the anniversary of Three Mile Island; for the gardeners whose plant and seed orders are now arriving; for the new baseball season:
19. Don Lange: Take the Children and Run (Don Lange Live), Flying Fish LP
20. Stephanie Davis: Talkin’ Harvest Time Blues (Crocus in The Snow), Recluse Records
21. Todd Snider: America’s Favorite Pastime (Baseball EP), Yep Roc download

22. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House Records 174

Friday, April 3, 2009

Steve Martin on Grand Ole Opry May 30

Steve's bringing his banjo to the Grand Ole Opry on May 30. A tiny bit in the Hartford Courant's "Java" column says he'll perform songs from "The Crow," and will be joined by Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Stuart Duncan, Tim O'Brien, John McEuen. Going to the Opry's website, it looks as if it might be available on WSM-AM or maybe Sirius XM (Sirius channel 62 and XM channel 10).