Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/26/09 Playlist

1. Trent Wagler & Jay Lapp: Go Up to That Mountain (Adrienna Valentine), self
2. Burning Bridget Cleary: Jimmy Leg Set (Everythng Is Alright), self
3. Michael Berkowitz: The Perfect Record Collection (A Song for Every Station), self
4. We're About 9: Nobody Flying (Paperdust : Stardust), self
5. Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat (Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition), Shout Factory

6. Ben Bedford: Fisher's Hill (Land of The Shadows), Hopeful Sky
7. Cindy Kalmenson: I Want It Back (I'm Not Leaving), Big Gack
8. Richard Shindell: Mariana's Table (Not Far Now), Signature Sounds
9. Naomi Sommers: Mama's House (Gentle As The Sun), American Melody

I had hoped to play a few songs about prepping gardens, but three were on LPs and the turntables were down:
10. Stephanie Davis: Talkin' Harvest Time Blues (download)

1. Debra Cowan: The Rainbow (Fond Desire Farewell), Falling Mountain
12. Brian Vardigans: Springhill (Springhill), self
13. Carla Sciaky: Under The Quarter Moon (Rewind: The Vinyl Years), Propinquity
14. Craig Bickhardt: A Day Well Spent (Brother to The Wind), Stone Barn

First kayak venture of the year yesterday – 89 degrees in Connecticut. Whew.
15. Domestic Science Club: Kayaking (Domestic Science Club), Discovery (1994)
16. Nancy White: The Eskimo Roll (Canoesongs Volume II), Portage
17. Carolann Ames: Where to Now St. Peter? (So Long Abilene), Ear Candy
18. Jeff (Jennifer) Hale: Blue Canoe Lullaby (Canoesongs), Portage

Same-sex marriage is now codified in CT. There was a huge effort by the National Organization for Marriage and others to scare voters into calling their legislators and urge failing the bill, but it didn’t work. I read Susan Campbell’s column “Why Use Fear When There’s So Much Need for Love?”,0,3401339.column
19. Roy Zimmerman: Defenders of Marriage (Faulty Intelligence), Metaphor
20. Iris DeMent: Let The Mystery Be (Infamous Angel), Warner Bros
21. Susan Werner: Why Is Your Heaven So Small? (The Gospel Truth), Sleeve Dog

Using religion for the wrong reasons:
22. Chuck Brodsky: In the Beginning (Tulips for Lunch), Waterbug
23. Tom Waits: Road to Peace (Orphans), Anti-
24. Steve Earle: Rich Man's War (The Revolution Starts ... Now), Artemis E-squared
25. Eliza Gilkyson: Tender Mercies (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House
26. Kevin Keady: Go for Your Guns (The Off-Season), Camp

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Bill Frisell's "The Best of Bill Frisell: Vol 1, Folk Songs," Nonesuch

27. Lori Lieberman: Killing Me Softly (Gun Metal Sky), Drive On
28. Jack Williams: The Heart of Saturday Night (Don't Let Go), Wind River
29. The Folkaltones: All Is Quiet (Tuning Up), Propinquity
30. Bill Cooley with Kathy Mattea: Madman Across The Water (The Return Journey), Nancy Lee
31. Jack Williams: Biloxi (Don't Let Go), Wind River

32. The Victor Mourning: Zachariah (Fire Fire Demos), Backwoods Modern
33. Wendy Wall: Fool's Gold (The Road to Paradise), Tumblestone
34. Toby Walker: Better Luck Next Time (Hand Picked), Band in The Hand
35. Laura Love: Passin' (NeGrass), Octoroon Biography
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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