Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/27/08 Playlist

1. Darrell Scott: That Old Time Feeling (Modern Hymns), Appleseed 1111
2. Rachael Davis: Lonely When You're Gone (Antebellum Queens), Fox on A Hill 04
3. Steppin' in It: Mr. President [Have Pity on The Working Man] (Simple Tunes for Troubled Times), Fox on A Hill

4. Rosalie Sorrels: Starlight on The Rails (Strangers in Another Country), Red House 214
5. Hardy & Massengill / The Folk Brothers: The Goodnight Loving Trail (Partners in Crime), Great Divide 1780
6 & 7. Mary McCaslin: Sunny California & Old Man from Missouri (Sunny California), Philo / self
8. Mike Quick: Rain (Rain), Froghorn Cleghorn Music

9. Natalia Zukerman: Brand New Frame (Brand New Frame), Weasel 0801
10. David Bromberg Quartet: When I Was A Cowboy (Live New York City 1982), Appleseed 1110
11. Emmylou Harris: All That You Have Is Your Soul (All I Intended to Be), Nonesuch
12. Mark Erelli: Hope Dies Last (Delivered), Signature Sounds 2014

13. Peggy Seeger: Everything Changes (single), private recording
14. Chris Smither: Diplomacy (Leave the Light On), Signature Sounds 2001
15. Bearfoot: Follow Me (Follow Me), Glacier
16. Roy Zimmerman: I Approve This Message (Thanks for The Support), Metaphor

I read a small part of an article called "McCain Turns His Back on Grand Canyon" which describes the possibility of mining for uranium in federal lands adjacent to the park and around native reservations:
17. Terri Hendrix: Jim Thorpe's Blues (The Spiritual Kind), Wilory
Radovan Karadzic was captured this week:
18. Spook Handy: Heading for The Hague (Whatcha Gonna Do?), Akashic

It's Jonathan Edwards's birthday -- he sings on the Northern Lights release:
19 & 20. Northern Lights with Jonathan Edwards: Working on A Building & Waiting in Vain (One Day), Fifty Fifty Music 106

Some Katrina / New Orleans songs:
21. Catie Curtis: People Look Around (Long Night Moon), Compass
22. Mike Quick: Fats Domino Is Missing (Rain), Froghorn
23. The Subdudes: I'm Your Town (Street Symphony), Back Porch/EMI

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Brenda Hunter's "Catching the Mooncoin," self

24. Breabach: The Rolling Hills (The Big Spree), Compass 4481
25. Three Tall Pines: Jenny Mule (Short While Ago), self
26. Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys: Ardoin Medley (Best of Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys), Rounder 6117
27. The Mammals: Wartime Blues (Bootleg Sixpack), Humble Abode 009
28. Chumbawamba: Lord Bateman's Motorbike (The Boy Bands Have Won), PM Press

29. Little Feat w/ Emmylou Harris: Sailin' Shoes (Join the Band), 429 Records
30. George Mann: I'm Chipping Away at This War (Into the Fire), self
31. The Duhks: Mighty Storm (Fast Paced World), Sugar Hill 4042
32. Darrell Scott: American Tune (Modern Hymns), Appleseed 1111
33. Eliza Gilkyson: Peace Call (Ribbon of Highway),

From today's Courant: Fans Help Underwrite New CDs

New Spin On Records
Independent Acts Turn To Fans To Help Underwrite New CDs

By ERIC R. DANTON, Courant Rock Critic, July 27, 2008

It's a standard deal: You sign a contract with a record label, which lends
you money to make a record, and unless you're unusually successful, you spend
the rest of your career paying it back.

Mark Erelli was disenchanted with the standard deal. After funding five
albums more or less the same way — by borrowing money, either from his label,
Signature Sounds, or from friends and investors — the Boston folk singer tried a
new way of paying for his latest record: He asked his fans to chip in.

Fan-funded albums are the latest variation on do-it-yourself recording for
smaller acts keen on making a professional-quality album while avoiding some
of the entanglements of the record industry. By paying for albums without
borrowing from a label, artists have complete creative control and retain
ownership of the songs. The model has worked so far: From folk to indie-rock to
metal, musicians have raised tens of thousands of dollars by appealing to their
listeners for help.

Borrowing from New England tradition, Erelli dubbed his fund drive a "barn
raising," likening his craft to the interdependent spirit by which communities
gathered to help build a barn for one resident.

"As an independent artist, I see echoes of old barn-raisings in what I do,"
he wrote last year in one of his monthly e-mail newsletters. "Through my
songs, I try to raise spirits, yours and mine alike, and help us all feel a
little less alone. In a modern world that often divides and isolates, I like to
think that my music, in some small way, exemplifies the importance of

Enough of his fans agreed that Erelli was able to raise about $10,000. By
stretching his budget, it was sufficient to pay for time in a _Maine_
( recording studio,
the services of producer Zack Hickman, session musicians and various related
costs, including music gear, for his seventh album, "Delivered." The record
comes out Sept. 6 — unless you donated, in which case you've already received
your autographed copy.

The rest is at,0,3933763.story

Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Playlist

1. Erica Wheeler: Muddy Waters (Good Summer Rain), Blue Pie
2. Doug MacArthur: (Long Way from) Thunder Road (Thunder into Heaven), Patio
3. Skye Zentz: Ode to An Absent Self (Legitimate Bohemia), self
4. Robert McEntee: The Mouth of The Mississippi (The Coin of The Realm), self

5. Eliza Gilkyson: Jedidiah 1777 (Paradise Hotel), Red House Records 187
6. Tom Roznowski: Whenever I Look at Trees (Wilderness Plots), Rosehill Records 111
7. Nellie McKay: Mother of Pearl (Obligatory Villagers), Hungry Mouse / Vanguard
8. James Moors: Your Father's Son (Hush), self

9. Denice Franke: Gibraltar (Gulf Coast Blue), Certain Records
10. Michael Berkowitz: The Perfect Record Collection (A Song for Every Station), self
11. Sloan Wainwright: Ring of Fire (Rediscovery), Derby Disc
12. Tim Grimm: Rebecca Versailles (Holding Up The World), Vault

Joan Baez is covering these two songs on her forthcoming release "This Time Tomorrow:"
13. Eliza Gilkyson: Rose of Sharon (Redemption Road), Silver Wave
14. Eliza Gilkyson: Requiem (Paradise Hotel), Red House Records 187

15. Roy Zimmerman: Eine Kleine Barackmusik (Thanks for The Support), Metaphor
16. David Stoddard: Driving in A Circle (Get Off My Lawn), self
17. We're About 9: Nobody Flying (Paperdust * Stardust), self
18. Robin & Linda Williams: Down Home Diva (Radio Songs), Red House 204

19. Tom Chapin: Hunger & Thirst (So Nice to Come Home), Sundance
20. Rory McLeod: Hunger Is The Best Sauce (Mouth to Mouth), Talkative
21. Joni Mitchell: Banquet (For the Roses), Asylum 5057
22. Phil Lee: 3 Faces in The Window (Songbook Americana), Shanachie
23. Tom Paxton: Feed the Children (Up & Up), Mountain Railroad

24 - 26 from "Moneyland," McCoury Music 0005
24. Del McCoury, Mac Wiseman, Tim O'Brien, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: Breadline Blues 2008
25. Del McCoury Band: Moneyland
26. Marty Stuart / Merle Haggard: Farmer's Blues

27. Susan Werner: Help Somebody (The Gospel Truth), self
28. Paul Thorn: What Have You Done to Lift Somebody Up (A Long Way from Tupelo), Perpetual Obscurity

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Lee Murdock's "Wordless," Depot Recordings

29. Woodchucks' Revenge: Mama Fried (Loose in The Hills), self [Connecticut is the third thinnest state in the nation, but that's not so great!]
0. Modern Man: Jews Don't Camp (Modern Immaturity), Inverted Turtle
31. David Stoddard: Stuff (Get Off My Lawn), self
32. The Chad Mitchell Trio: The George Bush Society (single), self
33. Roy Zimmerman: To Be A Liberal (Thanks for the Support), Metaphor

34. Neal & Leandra: Luis [I Know] (Dancing with A Ghost), Uncle Gus
35. Kris Delmhorst: Heavens Hold the Sun (Shotgun Singer), Signature Sounds 2012
36. Robin & Linda Williams: 50,000 Names (Radio Songs), Red House 204
37. The Horse Flies: Veins of Coal (Until the Ocean), Pest Control
38. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baez to Be Honored at Americana Music Conference in September

From the Americana Music Association's latest newsletter:


AT AMERICANA HONORS & AWARDS CEREMONY, Thursday, September 18, 2008,
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

NASHVILLE, July 16, 2008 - The Americana Music Association is thrilled to announce that cultural icon and seminal American recording artist Joan Baez will receive the "Spirit of Americana" Free Speech Award at the organization’s 7th Annual Honors and Awards ceremony, slated for September 18 at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Artist of the Year nominee and previous “Spirit of Americana” recipient Steve Earle will present the award. The honor recognizes and celebrates artists who have ignited discussion and challenged the status quo through their music and their actions. In addition to Earle, past recipients include Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Mavis Staples, Judy Collins and Charlie Daniels.

Fifty years since she began her legendary residency at Boston’s famed Club 47, Baez remains a musical force of nature whose influence is incalculable - marching on the front line of the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King, inspiring Vaclav Havel in his fight for a Czech Republic, singing on the first Amnesty Interna­tional tour and just this year, standing alongside Nelson Mandela when the world celebrated his 90th birthday in London’s Hyde Park. She brought the Free Speech Movement into the spotlight, took to the fields with Cesar Chavez, organized resistance to the war in Southeast Asia, then forty years later saluted the Dixie Chicks for their courage to protest war. Her earliest recordings fed a host of traditional ballads into the rock vernacular, before she unselfconsciously introduced Bob Dylan to the world in 1963 and focused aware­ness on songwriters ranging from Woody Guthrie, Dylan, Phil Ochs, Richard Fariña, and Tim Hardin, to Kris Kristofferson and Mickey Newbury, to Dar Williams, Richard Shindell, Steve Earle and many more.

In 2007, Baez received the Grammy's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Her first studio album in five years, Day After Tomorrow produced by Earle, is slated for release September 9.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/13/08 Playlist

It’s Rhonda Vincent’s birthday:
1 - 3. World's Biggest Fool, I Give All My Love to You, Good Thing Going (Good Thing Going), Rounder 0592

4. Kane Welch Kaplin: Last Lost Highway (Kane Welch Kaplin), Compass 4464
5. Crooked Still: Pharoah (Still Crooked), Signature Sounds 2013
6. Matthew Ryan: Youngstown (Song of America), Split Rock / 31 Tigers
7. Kristin Andreassen: Crayola Doesn't Make A Color for Your Eyes (Kiss Me Hello), self

8. The Band of Heathens: Maple Tears (The Band of Heathens), BOH
9. Kaydi Johnson: Peasant of The Wreck (Peasant of The Wreck), Fifty Fifty Music 107
10. Fred Holstein: Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (Live at The Earl of Old Town), Holstein 003
11. Annie Dinerman: The Lady Down the Hall (1,001 American Nights), Blue Bird

12. Carrie Elkin: Year before The War (The Jeopardy of Circumstance), self 13. Danny Schmidt: Adios to Tejasito (Little Grey Sheep), Waterbug 79
14. Eliza Gilkyson: Great Correction (Beautiful World), Red House 212
15. Abi Tapia: Let the Lover Be (The Beauty in the Ruin), Moon House

16. Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys: La Toussaint (The Best of Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys), Rounder 6117
17. Cindy Kallet / Ellen Epstein / Michael Cicone: Old Zeb (Heart Walk), Overall Music 3
18. Glen Reid: Wolves at The Door (Dusty Ol' Denim), Royston Road
19. Kitty Donohoe: When I Was the Queen (Northern Border), Roheen 007

20. Jack Hardy: In Memory of Federico Garcia Lorca (Noir), Great Divide 4170
21. Patty Larkin: waterside (Watch the Sky), Vanguard 79851
22. The Horseflies: Baghdad Children (Until the Ocean), Pest Control 10
23. Nerissa and Katryna Nields: Leave That Trouble Alone (Sister Holler), Mercy House

24 & 25. Roy Zimmerman (Wilde Auditorium 8/5/08): Eine Kleine Barackmusik & The Man, The Myth, The McCain (Thanks for The Support), Metaphor

26. Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams: Wind in The Valley (Something 'Bout You), Happy Appy
27. Gino LoRicco: American Soldier (Ancient Fields & City Streets), self

Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from "Caravan Gogh," (self)

28. Robby Hecht: Something, Somehow (Late Last Night), self
29. Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet: Kangding Qingge / Old Timey Dance Party (Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet), Nettwerk
30. Northern Lights: Working on A Building (One Day), Fifty Fifty Music 106
31. Denice Franke: Brand New Sky [Sweet Magnolia] (Gulf Cast Blue), Certain Records

32. Breabach: James Gunn Henderson (The Big Spree), Compass 4481
33. The Loose Acoustic Trio: Rise and Shine (Sorrow Be Gone), Big Book
34. Conjunto Jardin: El Balaju (Yerba Buena), Trova 405
35. Cedric Watson: La Vielle Chanson de Mardi Gras (Cedric Watson), Valcour
36. Laurie Lewis & The Right Hands: Before the Sun Goes Down (Live), Spruce & Maple
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Sunday, July 6, 2008

7/6/08 Playlist

1. Claire Lynch: Wabash Cannonball (Crowd Favorites), Rounder 0600
2. Andrew McKnight: Cedars (Something Worth Standing For), Falling Mountain 1050
3. Tracy Grammer: The Waking Hour (Book of Sparrows), self
4. Danny Schmidt: California's On Fire (Little Grey Sheep), Waterbug 79

5. Audrey Auld Mezera: 40 (Music with The Dirt Left On), Reckless Records
6. Jaime Michaels: Somewhere Like Italy (Fool), Frumdahart 1007
7. Lori McKenna: Leaving This Life (Unglamorous), Warner Bros. 44299
8. David Jacobs-Strain: Old Tennis Shoes (Liar's Day), self

9. Loudon Wainwright III: Jesse Don't Like It (single), Hannibal 45, 1990

It's G. W. Bush's 62nd birthday:
10. Christine Lavin: Like Father, Like Son (single), self
11. Matt Angus Thing: President's Son (Political Pop), Black Potatoe
12. Johnny Walker: Father & Son (Slamming Bush), self

For Independence Day: Pride:
13. Terri Tibbett: America The Beautiful (Living the Alaska Life), Migration Music cassette, 1988
14 & 15. Phil Ochs: Power and The Glory & There But for Fortune (Farewells & Fantasies), Elektra / Rhino R2 73518

Mixed Feelings:
16. Susan Werner: My Strange Nation (single download),
17. Randy Newman: A Few Words in Defense of Our Country (iTunes download)
18. Norah Jones: My Dear Country (Not Too Late), Blue Note EMI 74516
19. Dan Berggren: From Every Mountain Side (Fresh Territory), Sleeping giant 0601

20. Greg Brown: I Want My Country Back (In the Hills of California), Cumulus / Red House
21. Dan Bern: My Country II (My Country II), Messenger 19
22. Pink: Dear Mr. President (download)
23. John Prine: Your Flag Decal Won't Get You into Heaven Any More (John Prine), Atlantic 19156
24. Joel Rafael: This Is My Country (Thirteen Stories), Inside Recordings advance

It's also Nanci Griffith's birthday:
25 & 26. Simple Life & I Love This Town (Hearts in Mind)

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Pat Donohue's "Freewayman," Bluesky 929

More from Nanci:
27 & 28. Heart of Indochine & Old Hanoi (Hearts in Mind)

29 & 30. Roy Zimmerman (Wilde Auditorium, Aug. 5): Jerry Falwell's God & Multinational Anthem (Radio Sampler), self
31. Roy Zimmerman: Thanks for The Support (single download), self

32. Richard Shindell: Fourth of July, Asbury Park (Courier), Signature Sounds 1270
33. Mem Shannon: S.U.V. (Born NOT to Run), Warped Discs [Car Talk]
34. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Friday, July 4, 2008

6/29/08 Playlist, John Sloan hosting

If I Do Dream Of You - Stephen Yerkey - Confidence, Man (Heyday)
A Pirate Looks At 40 - Jimmy Buffett (MCA)
Every Little Moment - Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Cocktail Swing
(Signature Sounds)
I'm Satisfied - Jo Serrapere & The Willie Dunns - Tonight At Johnny's
Speakeasy - (
Butter & Egg Man - Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem - Cocktail Swing (Signature Sounds)
Fish & Whistle - John Prine - Live - (Oh Boy)

Luther Played Guitar - Stan Ridgeway - Black Diamnd (
Cloud Song - Jess Klein - Draw Them Near (
Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart - Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series - (Sony)
Rockin' Chair - The Band - Across The Great Divide - (Capitol)
Lonesome Out There - Jason Eklund - (Flying Fish)
Night Time - Frank Christian - From My Hands - (Palmetto)

Tommy The Canexican - Eddie From Ohio - Quick - (Virginia Soul)
Tom Burleigh's Dead - Eddie From Ohio - Quick - (Virginia Soul)
Wonderland - Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live - (The Right Stuff)
Two Hump Ride - Jeannie Bryson - Tonight I Need You So - (Telarc)
Night Of The Iguana - Joni Mitchell - Shine (Hear Music)
Mango - Bruce Cockburn _ Breakfast In New Orleans - (Ryko)

The Prickly Bush - Steeleye Span - Time - (Shanachie)
The Big Three Medley - Fairport Convention - In Real Time Live '87 - (Island)
Harvest Of The Moon - Steeleye Span - Time - (Shanachie)

What If You Do Nothing - Hugh Blumenfeld - Mozart's Money - (1-800-PRIMECD)
Texas Blues - Lucy Kaplansky - The Tide - (Red House)
Down In The Cellar - Al Stewart - Down In The Cellar - (EMI)
Marx & Engels - Belle & Sebastion - Push Barman To Open Old Wounds - (Matador)
Walking Around - Innocense Mission - Befriended - (
Easy - Anoushka Shankar & Karsch Kale with Norah Jones - Breathing
Under Water - (Manhattan)
Prairie Wedding - Mark Knopfler (with Gillian Welch) - Sailing To
Philadelphia - (WB)

Dolphins - Fred Neil - Many Sides Of Fred Neil (Collector's Choice)
Saturday Sun - Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left - (Island)
The French Paratrooper - Mike Craver - Fishing For Amour (
Come Again! Sweet Love Doth Now Invite - Mike Craver - Fishing For
Amour (
Unbroken Chain - Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald - Unbroken Chain - (Freewheel)
The Dark Horse - Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald - Fields Of Elysian -
This Old House - Susan Voelz - 13 Ribs - (Pravda)
What Was That - John Gorka - The Company You Keep - (Red House)
The Other End Of The Telescope - Til Tuesday - Everything's Different
Now - (Epic)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pete Seeger performs in Montreal with Guy Davis, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger

The return of Seeger
Folk icon Pete Seeger makes a rare stage appearance Saturday in Montreal

MIKE REGENSTREIF, The Montreal Gazette

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The last time I interviewed Pete Seeger was in 1999 just as he was about to turn 80. He was planning to stay close to his Hudson River Valley home and just play a few songs occasionally for school kids or at benefit concerts. It was unlikely, he said then, that he'd travel far enough from home to perform in Montreal again.

Almost a decade later, though, the still-vigorous Seeger is on his way back to Montreal. His Saturday concert here kicks off a quickly arranged, and quickly sold-out, tour of small venues that also takes him to Toronto for two nights, Kingston and Ottawa in the company of acoustic blues revivalist Guy Davis and his grandson, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger of the folk-rocking Mammals. The three will share the stage, swapping songs and backing each other.

Reached at his home overlooking the Hudson River in upstate New York, Seeger told me he has fond memories of performing in Montreal.

"Sam Gesser hired me when nobody else would," Seeger said, referring to the late Montreal impresario who broke into the concert business with a Seeger concert in 1952 when most of the folksinger's performing opportunities were lost to the McCarthy-era blacklist. Gesser, who died April 1, brought Seeger to Montreal often over the next four decades.

Seeger is one of the most revered musicians of all time and has been a major influence on the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen - who's done two albums of songs he learned from Seeger LPs - and almost everyone else who's picked up a banjo or acoustic guitar in the past 60 years.

Seeger's lengthy résumé includes forming two legendary folk groups: the Almanac Singers, with Woody Guthrie, before both shipped out to serve in the Second World War; and the Weavers, the group that brought folk music to the pop charts with Goodnight Irene and Tzena Tzena Tzena in 1949 before being blacklisted. Seeger has written or co-written scores of enduring songs, including Where Have All the Flowers Gone and If I Had a Hammer, has made hundreds of recordings and has been at the forefront of the civil rights, peace and environmental movements.

The rest at: