Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Playlist

1. Erica Wheeler: Muddy Waters (Good Summer Rain), Blue Pie
2. Doug MacArthur: (Long Way from) Thunder Road (Thunder into Heaven), Patio
3. Skye Zentz: Ode to An Absent Self (Legitimate Bohemia), self
4. Robert McEntee: The Mouth of The Mississippi (The Coin of The Realm), self

5. Eliza Gilkyson: Jedidiah 1777 (Paradise Hotel), Red House Records 187
6. Tom Roznowski: Whenever I Look at Trees (Wilderness Plots), Rosehill Records 111
7. Nellie McKay: Mother of Pearl (Obligatory Villagers), Hungry Mouse / Vanguard
8. James Moors: Your Father's Son (Hush), self

9. Denice Franke: Gibraltar (Gulf Coast Blue), Certain Records
10. Michael Berkowitz: The Perfect Record Collection (A Song for Every Station), self
11. Sloan Wainwright: Ring of Fire (Rediscovery), Derby Disc
12. Tim Grimm: Rebecca Versailles (Holding Up The World), Vault

Joan Baez is covering these two songs on her forthcoming release "This Time Tomorrow:"
13. Eliza Gilkyson: Rose of Sharon (Redemption Road), Silver Wave
14. Eliza Gilkyson: Requiem (Paradise Hotel), Red House Records 187

15. Roy Zimmerman: Eine Kleine Barackmusik (Thanks for The Support), Metaphor
16. David Stoddard: Driving in A Circle (Get Off My Lawn), self
17. We're About 9: Nobody Flying (Paperdust * Stardust), self
18. Robin & Linda Williams: Down Home Diva (Radio Songs), Red House 204

19. Tom Chapin: Hunger & Thirst (So Nice to Come Home), Sundance
20. Rory McLeod: Hunger Is The Best Sauce (Mouth to Mouth), Talkative
21. Joni Mitchell: Banquet (For the Roses), Asylum 5057
22. Phil Lee: 3 Faces in The Window (Songbook Americana), Shanachie
23. Tom Paxton: Feed the Children (Up & Up), Mountain Railroad

24 - 26 from "Moneyland," McCoury Music 0005
24. Del McCoury, Mac Wiseman, Tim O'Brien, Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: Breadline Blues 2008
25. Del McCoury Band: Moneyland
26. Marty Stuart / Merle Haggard: Farmer's Blues

27. Susan Werner: Help Somebody (The Gospel Truth), self
28. Paul Thorn: What Have You Done to Lift Somebody Up (A Long Way from Tupelo), Perpetual Obscurity

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Lee Murdock's "Wordless," Depot Recordings

29. Woodchucks' Revenge: Mama Fried (Loose in The Hills), self [Connecticut is the third thinnest state in the nation, but that's not so great!]
0. Modern Man: Jews Don't Camp (Modern Immaturity), Inverted Turtle
31. David Stoddard: Stuff (Get Off My Lawn), self
32. The Chad Mitchell Trio: The George Bush Society (single), self
33. Roy Zimmerman: To Be A Liberal (Thanks for the Support), Metaphor

34. Neal & Leandra: Luis [I Know] (Dancing with A Ghost), Uncle Gus
35. Kris Delmhorst: Heavens Hold the Sun (Shotgun Singer), Signature Sounds 2012
36. Robin & Linda Williams: 50,000 Names (Radio Songs), Red House 204
37. The Horse Flies: Veins of Coal (Until the Ocean), Pest Control
38. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174


Teresa said...

I really enjoy listening to Sloan Wainwright's new cd..."rediscovery". She has voice, as I see it, of an angel. My fave song on this cd is "ring of fire" because I have grown up listening to that song...and to hear her sing it, with such a terrific breathtaking. Totally awesome!

michelle said...

Thanks for playing We're About 9 and David Stoddard! The two most underplayed artists in American Folk, IMHO, and back to back yet!