Sunday, October 14, 2007

10/14/07 Playlist

1. David Massengill: Talkin' Dave Van Ronk Blues (Dave on Dave), Gadfly 295
2. Debi Smith: Bluebird (The Soprano), self
3. Jeff Talmadge: Austin When It Rains (At Least That Much Was True), CoraZong 255096
4. Joni Mitchell: Strong and Wrong (Shine), Hear Music 30457
5. Adam Sweeney: Heading South (Technicolor Halo), Nana's Boy


6. Ann Wilson with Shawn Colvin and Rufus Wainwright: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall(Hope & Glory), Zoe 1085
7. Eric Bibb: No More on The Brazos (An Evening with Eric Bibb), M.C. Records
8. The Hushpuppies: Fifty Miles of Elbow Room (Homestead on The Farm), Old 97 Wrecords 010
9. David Parry: Laziness (The Man from Eldorado), Borealis 106
10. Eliza Gilkyson: Midnight in Missoula (Down at The Sea Hotel), The Secret Mountain 35

Concerts over the next week -- many!
11. Peter Case (Buttonwood Tree 10/15): Million Dollar Bail (Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John), Yep Roc 2160
12. Po' Girl (Iron Horse 10/15): To the Angry Evangelist (Home to You), Nettwerk 30606
13. Battlefield Band (Iron Horse 10/17): The Ballad of Accounting (Dookin'), Temple COMD2100
14. Claire Lynch (East Hartford Community Cultural Center 10/17): Thibodaux (Crowd Favorites), Rounder 0600

more concerts:
15. Medieval Baebes (East Hartford CCC 10/18 ): Star of The Sea (Mirabilis), Nettwerk 30415
16. Beausoleil (Iron Horse 10/10/18 ): La Danse de la Vie (La Danse de la Vie), Forward / Rhino R2 71221
17. Billy Bragg (Calvin Theater 10/18 ) & Wilco: All You Fascists (Mermaid Avenue Vol. II), Elektra 62522
18. Amy LaVere (Cafe Nine 10/19): Overcome (Anchors & Anvils), Archer 19272

yep, concerts:

19. Susan Werner (New Hartford Library 10/19): Lost My Religion (The Gospel Truth), self
20. Rodney Crowell (Wilde Auditorium 10/19): Ain't Living Long Like This (The Essential Rodney Crowell), Columbia / Legacy 85904
21. Will Kimbrough (Wilde 10/19): Act Like Nothing's Wrong (Americanitis), Daphne
22. Anuna (Jorgensen 10/19): ? (Celtic Origins), copy supplied by venue, no data

and more:
23. Brooks Williams (P.A.C.E. 10/19): In the Evening (Blues & Ballads), Red Guitar Blue Music 0501
24. Erin McKeown (Iron Horse 10/19, The Space 10/20): Fast As I Can (Lafayette), Signature Sounds 2007
25. Patty Larkin (Iron Horse 10/20): Me and That Train (Strangers World), High Street 10335
26. Eric Andersen (Roaring Brook 10/20): The Other Side of This Life (Live), Appleseed 1101

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Whirligig's "Spin" (Prime CD 70)

and finally, concerts:

27. (Dave Carter &) Tracy Grammer (Stone Soup 10/20): Crocodile Man (Tanglewood Tree), Signature Sounds 1257
28. Maria Sangiolo (Donald Oat Theater 10/20): Save the Sharks! (Under the Mystic Sea), Raging River Records 106
29. Holly Near (Unitarian Church, Bloomfield Ave 10/20): I Ain't Afraid (Edge), Calico Tracks 0004
30. Shawn Colvin (Garde Arts Theater 10/20): Even Here We Are (These Four Walls), Nonesuch 79937
31. Steve Forbert (Club Helsinki 10/21): The Baghdad Dream (Strange Names & New Sensations), 429 Records 17652

Saturday brings Foodshare's Annual Empty Bowls Project (Manchester Community College)
32. Tom Paxton: Feed the Children (Up & Up), Mountain Railroad 52792
Thinking back to the nooses used "only" to "tease" and of course to intimidate:
33. Joel Rafael Band: Don't Kill My Baby and My Son (Woodeye), self
Two songs in tribute to John Hartford:
34. Luke Powers: Let the River Keep The Time (Picture Book), Phoebe Claire 7398
35. Bob Bossin: Steamboat Whistle Blues (The Roses on Annie's Table), Nick 11
36. John Lincoln Wright: October Days (Family, Friends and Neighbors), Patio Fund Records
37. Claire Lynch: The Day That Lester Died (Crowd Favorites), Rounder 0600
38. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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