Sunday, October 28, 2007

Petition to Nominate Pete Seeger for Nobel Peace Prize

The petition to nominate Pete Seeger for a Nobel Peace Prize has grown rapidly; there are over 7600 signatures. The comments on the petition web page attest to how deeply Pete has touched our lives, from our parents to our children and grandchildren, and helped shape our sense of human responsibility.

In response to this initial outpouring of support, we have launched a new website, specifically to support this campaign. While it is still under development, we are asking you to take a look, and to publicize its existence to others who might want to support this campaign.

We are actively seeking additional help in building this campaign. Of particular interest would be organization endorsements of the campaign that we can publicize. If you are involved in such an organization, please ask them to endorse this effort, and have them send email to that effect to:

Another goal of ours is to collect additional materials to support this campaign. Because Pete is such a private person there is little besides what's on his record jackets that fills in his life story. Everybody has a little tale to tell about when they first met Pete or when he sang at their camp or school. Others may have photographs of Pete or of activities he has been involved with. It would be nice to collect those memories. He is essential to so many people.Below are some of my thoughts on this campaign that you might be able to use inconvincing others to join in!

Eleanor Walden

==== some thoughts ====

The fact that Al Gore won the Peace Prize award this year encourages our effort for Pete Seeger for 2008! I hope this recognition helps the environmental movement and increases ways to protect the planet that is our home. I hope it makes more of us aware of the chasm we endure between rich and poor, between obscenely rich and obscenely poor. I am also encouraged that it was through an art form, a film, that Al Gore got his message around the world so quickly and won such acceptance. How tired I am of having the arts referred to as “artsy/fartsy”, how insulting to have the Universities cut back programs in the “humanities”, and music and arts enhancement in grade schools be the first to go for budget cuts.

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