Sunday, April 4, 2010

4/4/10 Playlist

(preemption at 9:20pm)

1. The Chapmans: Love's Gonna Live Here (Grown Up), Compass
2. The Cottars: Fare Thee Well, Northumberland & The Purple Wave (Feast), Rounder
3. Time for Three: Sundays (3 Fervent Travelers), E1
4. Caravan of Thieves: Rattlesnake (Bouquet), self

5. Old Sledge: Lost Train Blues (Old Sledge), self
6. Mark Erelli: Everything in Ruin (Little Vigils), Hillbilly Pilgrim
7. K. C. Clifford: Redman (Orchid), self
8. Linzay Young & Joel Savoy: Si Tu Voudrais Marier (Linzay Young & Joel Savoy), Valcour

It's Lisa Moscatiello's birthday
9. Dame Lombard (Innocent When You Sleep), Happy Cactus
10. Biloxi (Second Avenue), Wind River

11. June Tabor: The Easter Tree (Ashes and Diamonds), Green Linnet
12. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: Easter (Crazy Quilt), self
13. Laura Love: You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes (You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes), Koch
14. Nowell Sing We Clear: Lord of The Dance (The Best of Nowell Sing We Clear), Front Hall
15. Carrie Newcomer: The Gathering of Spirits (The Gathering of Spirits), Philo
16. Ralph McTell: Jesus Wept (Sand in Your Shoes), Red House
17. Ray Wylie Hubbard: This Morning I Am Born Again (Delirium Tremolos), Philo

Passover: 18 - 20 from "Let My People Go!," Appleseed
18. B'chol Dor Va'Dor (In Every Generation) / I'm On My Way
19. Ha Lachma Anya (This Is The Bread of Oppression)
20. Avodim Hayinu (Slaves We Were)
21. Kerry Grombacher: Valley of Shadows (It Sings in The Hi-Line), self

Today’s the anniversary of Dr. King’s murder:
22. Neal & Leandra: Ready for Memphis (Stranger to My Kin), Red House
23. Nina Simone: Why? The King of Love Is Dead (Forever Young, Gifted & Black), RCA / Legacy

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Time for Three's "3 Fervent Travelers," E1 Entertainment

24. Old Sledge: Shake Hands & Tell Me Goodbye (Old Sledge), self
25. Mark Erelli: Kingdom Come (Little Vigils), Hillbilly Pilgrim
26. Anne Hills: Pennsylvania (Points of View), Appleseed
27. Seth Glier: I Just Want to Make My Daddy Proud (The Trouble with People), Mpress Records
28. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House