Monday, April 12, 2010

4/11/10 Playlist

Playlist, Sunday Night Folk Festival, 4/11/10

1. Chris MacLean: Sisters of Charity (Feet Be Still), self
2. Dana Cooper: Straight into The Guns (The Conjurer), self
3. Amanda Shires: I Kept Watch Like Doves (West Cross Timbers), self
4. Martin Simpson: One Day (True Stories), Compass

5. Old Sledge: Are You Tired of Me My Darling? (Old Sledge), self
6. Sam Weiser: Jerusalem Ridge (Sam I Am), Disappear
7. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three: Hard Times Come and Go (Riverboat Soul), Free Dirt
8. Mike and Ruthy: Another Dawn Another Day (Waltz of The Chickadee), Humble Abode

It's Holocaust Martyrs Remembrance Day
9. Bernice Lewis: Ways to Survive (Isle of Spirit), Blue Bhikku
10. Dave Crossland: The Ballad of Joseph Schultz (Here's to The Ride), Purple Beet
11. Chava Alberstein and The Klezmatics: Mayn Shvester Khaye (The Well), Rounder
12. Jack Hardy: Dachau (The Passing), Prime CD
13.The Four Bitchin' Babes: Faces on My Wall (Hormonal Imbalance), Hem and Haw

14. Rod MacDonald: Auschwitz (The Man on The Ledge), Shanachie 15. Bernice Lewis: Mama's Wine Glasses (Religion & Release), Blue Bhiku 16. Ralph McTell: The Case of Otto Schwartzkopf (Sand in Your Shoes), Red House
17. Si Kahn: Children of Poland (In My Heart), Philo
18. Bob Franke: Krystallnacht Is Coming (The Heart of The Flower), Daring

19. Solas: Song of Choice (The Words That Remain), Shanachie
20. Sam Weiser: By My Silence (Sam I Am), Disappear

Upcoming concerts:
21 & 22. Kelli Trottier: Out on The Mira & Lime Hill (Daddy's Little Girl), self
23. Martin Sexton: Sugarcoating (Sugarcoating), Kitchen Table
24. Paul Geremia: Diggin' Uncle Sam's Backyard (Live from Uncle Sam's Backyard), Red House
25. Hanneke Cassel: Cali's Wedding / Alasdair's Jig (For Reasons Unseen), self
26. Mark Erelli: Kingdom Come (Little Vigils), Hillbilly Pilgrim

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over music from Magical Strings' "Dances and Dreams," Magic Hill

27. Patty Larkin with The Nields: I'm Fine (25), Signature Sounds 28. Phil Rosenthal: Muddy Water (A Treasury of Bluegrass and Country Songs), American Melody
29. David Mallett: Ten Men (Alright Now), North Road

For the coal miners, and for the Kleen Energy Workers in Middletown CT:
30 & 31. Herdman / Hills / Mangsen: Redwing Blackbird & Black Burning Air (Voices), Flying Fish
32. Mike Morningstar: Buffalo Creek (Still Moving Mountains: The Journey Home), Aurora Lights
33. Kathy Mattea: Dark As A Dungeon (Coal), Thirty Tigers
34.John Prine: Paradies (Great Days Anthology), Rhino
35. Hazel Dickens: The Mannington Mine Disaster (Coal Mining Women), Rounder
36. Sarah Gunning: That 25 Cents That You Paid (Coal Mining Women)
37 Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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