Sunday, July 26, 2009

7/26/09 Playlist

1. Drew Emmitt: Gypsy in My Soul (Long Road), Compass
2. Blame Sally: Pass the Buddha (Night of 1000 Stars), self
3. Ramblin' Jack Elliott: Rising High Water Blues (A Stranger Here), Anti-
4. Malinky: The Road to Drumleman (Flower & Iron), Mad River

5. Bread & Bones: Bread and Bones (I Know Stories), Riptone
6. Lawrence Blatt: Orange Blossom Honey (The Color of Sunshine), self
7. The Folkaltones: Hard Rock Bottom (Tuning Up), Propinquity
8. Peter Mulvey: Shirt (Notes from Elsewhere), Signature Sounds

9. Dennis Brennan: Hard Traveling (Engagement), Hi-N-Dry
10. Carolann Solebello: Long Time Gone (Glass of Desire), Elizabeth
11. Rick Shea: No Good Time for Leavin' (Shelter Valley Blues), Tres Pescadores
12. Ben Bullington: I'm A Stranger (White Sulphur Springs), self

At Newport next weekend:
13. The Avett Brothers: Yardsale (The Gleam), Ramseur
14. Joan Baez: Rose of Sharon (Day after Tomorrow), Razor & Tie
15. Pete Seeger: Waist Deep in The Big Muddy (At 89), Appleseed
16. The Low Anthem: Charlie Darwin (Oh My God, Charlie Darwin), Nonesuch

It's the birth anniversary of Robert Graves -- all songs are from Jay Ansill's "A Lost World," BCN (1996)
17. John Gorka: Down Wanton Down
18. Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen, John Roberts, Tony Barrand: She Tells Her Love While Half Asleep
19. Anne Hills: Midwinter Walking
20. Richard Shindell: A Jealous Man

21. Anne Hills with Jay Ansill: Lover's Knot (Angle of The Light), Flying Fish

It's Karen Savoca's birthday (maybe):
22 & 23. Eight Tons of B-Flat & This Train (On the River Road), Alcove
24. The One I Dream (Walkin' The Bridge), Alcove

The dreaded folk calendar over selections from Bua's "An Spealadoir," Mad River Records

25. Tom Paxton: Sarah Palin (download), self

26. Ben Bullington: Twangy Guitars (White Sulphur Springs), self

27. David Ippolito: Resolution -- The Torture Song (download), self

28. Susan Werner: Hazy Shade of Winter (Classics), Sleeve Dog
29. Susan Werner: Help Somebody (The Gospel Truth), Sleeve Dog

30. (Daisy) May Erlewine & Seth Bernard: Shine On (The Copper Country Quintet) private
31. Sam Baker: Cotton (Cotton), Music Road
32. Naomi Sommers: Now He's Gone (Gentle As The Sun), American Melody
33. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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