Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/19/09 Playlist

1. The Loose Acoustic Trio: (Sorrow Be Gone), Big Book
2. Caroline Doctorow: Bold Marauder (Another Country), Narrow Lane
3. Guy Davis: Words to My Mama's Song (Sweetheart Like You), Red House
4. Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson: The Devil's Inside My Head (Rattlin' Bones), Sugar Hill

5. John Doe and The Sadies: It Just Dawned on Me (Country Club), Yep Roc
6. Lissa Schneckenburger: Lumberman in Town / Go Ken (Song), Footprint
7. Danny Schmidt: Serpentine Cycle of Money (Instead the Forest Rose to Sing), Red House
8. The Sweetback Sisters: Red Shoes Blues (Chicken Ain't Chicken), Signature Sounds

9. Steppin' In It: Charles Hatfield's Blues (Simple Tunes for Troubled Times), Fox on A Hill
10. May Erlewine: The Mourning (Love Labor), Earthwork
11. Tommy Sands with Moya & Fionan: The People Have Spoken (Let the Circle Be Wide), Appleseed
12. Iris DeMent: He Reached Down (Lifeline), Flariella

Remembering Dave Carter: he died 7 years ago today. I can't find the name of the person who sent me this festival recording, made with Tracy Grammer, Lorne Entress, and Dave Chalfant at Rocky Mountain Folks Fest 8/19/01:
13. 41 Thunderer
14. Ordinary Town
15. Tanglewood Tree
16. Tillman County

17. Debbie Cassell: The Day They Walked on The Moon (download)
18. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: (Being There), Compass Rose

19. Christine Lavin: The Life of A Firefly (MP3)

20. David Ippolito: Resolution (The Torture Song), download at
21. James McMurtry: Cheney's Toy (Just Us Kids), Lightning Rod

22. Jon Vezner: Nobody Dies in This Song (We Remember), Mini-Apples
23. The Lovell Sisters: In My Time of Dying (Time to Grow), self
24. Cedric Watson: La Vielle Chanson de Mardi Gras (Cedric Watson), Valcour
25. Buffy Sainte-Marie: No No Keshagesh (Running for The Drum), Appleseed

The dreaded folk calendar, over selections from Childsplay's "Waiting for the Dawn,"

Thanks to Sue Kessell for the reminder about this song -- Paxton was singing about airlines trashing guitars long before Dave Carroll wrote "United Breaks Guitars:"
26. Tom Paxton: Thank You, Republic Airlines (One Million Lawyers and Other Disasters), Flying Fish LP

Songs by or about Dave Carter:
27. Tracy Grammer: Verdant Mile (Verdant Mile), self
8. Richard Shindell: The Mountain (Not Far Now), Signature Sounds
29. Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem: Farewell to Saint Dolores (Gambling Eden), Signature Sounds
30. Priscilla Herdman: Gentle Arms of Eden (The Road Home), Redwing
31. Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: The Emperor Is Naked Today-O (The Songs of Pete Seeger Vol. 2 - If I Had A Song), Appleseed
32. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Between Here and Gone (Between Here and Gone), Columbia

I had thought this song was ancient; not so, say the notes in the CD's booklet:
33. Tommy Sands with Moya and Fionan: A Stor Mo Chroi (Let the Circle Be Wide), Appleseed

34. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House