Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What're YOU Laughing At, This Is SERIOUS!

Roy Zimmerman calls his work "funny songs about ignorance, war and greed." He finds other targets as well, and as serious as the subjects are, the songs are at least as funny. Roy did a wonderful, lively, engaging concert at The Wilde Auditorium on the UHart campus last night, to a larger audience than any of us ever expected (hoped for, yes, but not expected!). This was Roy's first concert in Connecticut and his last concert on a swing through the northeast before he headed back home to Marin County, and I'd say we sent him off with a bang.
Audience-members were very supportive of Roy with both their laughter and their cash: they bought nearly all of the CDs he had left; they were supportive too of WWUH, WHUS, and WESU, the radio stations that play his music and presented the concert (Ed McKeon did most of the heavy lifting, I must tell you).
I once printed out this quote: "If I'm going to be tired, I'd like it to be from laughing." Go to a Roy Zimmerman concert and you'll realize that desire. The only time I've heard anywhere near that much laughter in The Wilde was at Cheryl Wheeler's last concert, and that was more for her commentary than for her songs.
Roy says he'll be back -- let's hope it's soon!

Photos of Roy on 8/5/08 at

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