Sunday, August 24, 2008

8/24/08 Playlist

1. Northern Lights with Jonathan Edwards: Working on A Building (One Day), Fifty Fifty 106
2. Rosalie Sorrels et al: Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia (Strangers in Another Country), Red House 214
3. Jim Henry: If It Were Up to Me (King of Hearts), Six-Pack
4. Sloan Wainwright: Ring of Fire (Rediscovery), Derby Disc

It's Eliza Gilkyson's birthday ( – she approved of the celebration:
5. Material Man (Pilgrims), PeaceDream / MTI
6. Rosie Strike Back (Legends of Rainmaker), Gold Castle
7. Take Off Your Old Coat (Through the Looking Glass), Private
8. Solitary Singer (Redemption Road), Silver Wave

I read Tom Condon's "The Dust Bowl: A Cautionary Tale",0,429191.column
9 - 10. Woody Guthrie: The Great Dust Storm & Dusty Old Dust (Some Folk), Proper Records Properbox 115

11. Anne Hills: Little Orphant Annie (Ef You Don't Watch Out), Collective Works
12. Bruce Robison: Larosse (The New World), Premium Records
13. Sirens: The Promise (Look Up), Borealis 183
14. Donal Hinely: Dream Going Down (Blue State Boy), Scuffletown

Eliza again:
15. Last Big Thrill (Misfits), Realiza 0023
16. Flatline (Hard Times in Babylon), Red House 146 []
17. Angel & Delilah (Lost and Found), Red House 162
18. Runnin' Away (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

It's also Chuck McCabe's birthday ( – I inferred that he approved:
19. So Much It Scares Me (Burgers and Champagne), Woodshed 07698
20. Partisan Polka (Creatures of Habit), Woodshed 7608
21. Piranhas, Iguanas (Burgers and Champagne)
22. My Prayer for You (Creatures of Habit)

College presidents in CT want to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18 so that underage students won't feel the pressure to binge-drink. ??
23. Todd Snider: Beer Run (New Connection), Oh Boy 023
A radio edit (thank you David!) about trying to get good music played on the radio:
24. David Stoddard: New Music on The Radio (radio edit of song from Hesselville), self
He's playing at the Vanilla Bean on Saturday:
25. Jason Spooner: Meant to Be (The Flame You Follow), self

The Dreaded Folk calendar over selections from The Quebe Sisters Band's "Timeless," Fiddletone

Covers of Eliza Gilkyson's songs:
26. Priscilla Herdman: Prayer 2000 (The Road Home), Redwing Music 5412
27. Ray Wylie Hubbard (with Eliza): The Beauty Way (Delirium Tremolos), Philo 1244
28. Joan Baez: Requiem (Day after Tomorrow), Razor & Tie
29. Anne Hills: Tennessee Road (Woman of A Calm Heart), Flying Fish 70464

Eliza again:
30. Wild Horse (Retrospecto), Realiza Records
31. Man of God (Paradise Hotel), Red House 187
32. Lights of Santa Fe (Your Town Tonight), Red House 205
33. Wildewood Spring (Beautiful World), Red House

34. The Watersons: Country Life (For Pence and Spicy Ale), Topic 574
35. David Ross Macdonald: 'Til I'm Gone (Knuckled Brass and Bone), Pepper Tree
36. Lunasa: Black River (The Story So Far...), Compass 4475
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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Teresa said...

Sloan Wainwright is awesome! This new CD, "Rediscovery" is the best so far. Her voice is unique and utterly beautiful!