Monday, August 25, 2008

8/25/08 Fill-in Playlist

1. The Byrds: I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician (There Is A Season), Columbia / Legacy advance CD
2 - 4. Roy Zimmerman: Eine Kleine Barackmusik, The Man The Myth The McCain (Thanks for The Support), Metaphor
5. John McCutcheon: Surprise Surprise Surprise (Signs of The Times), Flying Fish
6. Chuck Brodsky: He Came to Our Town (Two Sets), Waterbug 84
7. Eileen McGann: Too Stupid for Democracy (Journeys), Dragonwing

8. Dan Bern: My Country II (My Country II), Messenger
9. Joel Rafael: This Is My Country (Thirteen Stories High), Inside advance
10. The Kennedys: Give Me Back My Country (Better Dreams), Appleseed 1107
11. Greg Brown: I Want My Country Back (In the Hills of California), Red House

12. Sally Rogers: Gone to The Dogs (We'll Pass Them On), Flying Fish
13. Anne Feeney: Business News / Hallelujah, I'm A Bum (Dump The Bosses off Your Back), self
14. Tim O'Brien: This World Was Made for Everyone (Chameleon), Howdy Skies / Proper American
15. Carol Denney: The Rich Will Never Be Poor (The Rich Will Never Be Poor), self
16. Merle Haggard: What Happened? (Moneyland), McCoury
17. Del McCoury et al: Breadline Blues 2008 (Moneyland)

18. Dan Bern: President (My Country II), Messenger
19. Norah Jones: My Dear Country (Not Too Late), EMI / Blue Note

20. Maria Muldaur et al: We Shall Be Free (Yes We Can!), Telarc
21. Susan Werner: My Strange Nation (single download), self
22. Maria Muldaur et al: Yes We Can, Can (Yes We Can!), Telarc

I read Secretary of State Susan Byciewicz's Op Ed piece from the New York Times, August 11, "Help Our Veterans Vote":
23. Roy Zimmerman: Thanks for The Support (Thanks for The Support), Metaphor
24. Mark Erelli: Volunteers (Delivered), Signature Sounds
25. Tom Paxton: The Willing Conscript (The Best of Tom Paxton), Elektra
26. Steve Quelet: Foxhole (House of Wax), self
27. Tom Lehrer: It Makes A Fellow Proud to Be A Soldier (An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer), Reprise

28. Todd Snider: Fortunate Son (Peace Queer), Aimless Records

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