Monday, June 7, 2010

6/6/10 Playlist

Playlist, The Sunday Night Folk Festival, Sunday June 6, 2010:

1. Reckless Kelly: Bird on A Wire (Somewhere in Time), Yep Roc
2. Suzi Ragsdale: Pay Attention (Less of The Same), self
3. The Resophonics: Joy Comes Back (Diamonds in The Ground), self
4. Carrie Rodriguez: Dirty Leather (Live in Louisville), Luz Music

5. T.R. Ritchie: Money (Wild Horses), Apex
6. RUNA: Bedlam Boys (Jealousy), self
7. Martin Simpson: One Day (True Stories), Compass
8. Red Hen: Too Late for The Bacon (Crossing), self

9. Terri Hendrix: The Berlin Wall (Cry Till You Laugh), Wilory
10. Roy Zimmerman: Real America (Real American), Metaphor
11. Ruth Moody: Nest (The Garden), Red House
12. Vasen: Linnaeus Polonaise (String Nation), Arts & Media
13. Storyhill: Caught in A Mess (Shade of The Trees) Red House

It's the 77th anniversary of the opening of the first drive-in movie in Camden NJ:
14. Jim Henry: Drive-In Movie Picture Show (The Wayback), Signature Sounds
15. Nancy Griffith: Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights (A Portrait of An Artist), MCA
16. Fred Eaglesmith: Drive-In Movie (Drive-In Movie), Vertical

17. Beverly Smith and Carl Jones: Maybelle (Glow), Dittyville
18. Jill King: All I Want (Rain on Fire), Found-Her
19. Dennis Caraher: Closer to Death (Practicing Dying), Radio Boy
20. Christine Lavin: A Firefly's Life (Cold Pizza for Breakfast), Yellow Tail

21. Terri Hendrix: Hand Me Down Blues (Cry Till You Laugh), Wilory
22. Paul Curreri: Tight Pack Me Sugar (California), Tin Angel
23. Shelby Lynne: Home Sweet Home (Tears, Lies, and Alibis), Everso 24. John McCutcheon: Different (Untold), Appalseed

It's Holly Near's birthday -- all CDs on Calico Tracks
25. I Ain't Afraid (Edge)
26. No More Genocide (And Still We Sing)
27. with Ronnie Gilbert: Hay Una Mujer (And Still We Sing)
28. Somebody's Jail (Show Up)

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from "String Nation," Arts & Media

9. Terri Hendrix: You Belong in New Orleans (Cry Till You Laugh), Wilory

A wetter warmer season, and bigger more numerous more bloodthirsty insects:
30. Mustard's Retreat: The Michigan Mosquitoes (A Resolution of Something), self
31. Bernice Lewis: The Alaska Mosquito (Paisley with Plaid), Sanctuary LP
32. Lou Nathanson: Mosquito ShowShowdown (Genetically Enhanced), Big Mosquito Music
33. Gideon Freudmann: River Skeeters (Adobe Dog House), Gadfly
34. Bill Staines: The Black Fly Song (Just Play One Tune More), Folk-Legacy LP
35. Dave Dowling: First Mosquito of Spring (Tail Feathers Up), Happy Valley Music
36. Joel Mabus: Mosquito Coast (Rhyme Scheme), Fossil

37 & 38. Roy Zimmerman: End of The Ship & Socialist! (Real American), Metaphor
39. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House


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