Monday, May 31, 2010

5/30/10 Playlist

1. Lainie Marsh: The Hills Will Cradle Thee (The Hills Will Cradle Thee), Bait & Tackle
2. WPA: Cry for You (Works Progress Administration), WPA
3. Wendy Webb: Nashville Can Wait (Moon on Havana), Spooky Moon
4. Trent Wagler & Jay Lapp: Go Up to That Mountain (Adrienna Valentine), self

5. Rebecca Troon: Hands of The Musician (Animal Skin), self
6. Trent Wagler & Jay Lapp: I Will Love You (Adrienna Valentine), self
7. The Sweetback Sisters: Red Shoes Blues (Chicken Ain't Chicken), Signature Sounds
8. Charlie Maguire: Talking Camping (Stepping Stones), Mello-Jamin 9. Christine Lavin: Camping (The Bellevue Years), Philo / Rounder
10. Greg Trafidlo: Talking White House Cleaning Blues (Carved in Stone), Kira

11. Chris MacLean: Sisters of Charity (Feet Be Still), self
12. Joel Mabus: Poison in The Glass (No Worries Now...), Fossil Records
13. Sarah Jarosz: Song Up in Her Head (Song Up in Her Head), Sugar Hill 14. Rod MacDonald: Soldiers (After the War), Blue Flute

Memorial Day:
15. Anne Hills: The Blur in The Photograph (Bittersweet Street), Redwing 16. Richard Shindell: Reunion Hill (Reunion Hill), Shanachie
17. Mark Erelli: Blue-Eyed Boston Boy (The Memorial Hall Recordings), Signature Sounds
18. Laura Boosinger: Two Soldiers [same song as above, just a different title] (Down the Road), Laura's Label

19. Eric Bogle: No Man's Land (I Wrote This Wee Song), Rice Records
20. Carol Noonan: In Flanders Field (Somebody's Darling), self
21. Bruce Pratt: The Unknown (Honey, Hide the Banjo: Folk Next Door 2), Uh Oh
22. Tom Paxton: The Unknown (Politics Live), Flying Fish LP
23. Andy Revkin: Arlington (2-song sampler), self
24. Iris DeMent: There's A Wall in Washington (The Way I Should), Warner Bros.
25. Joel Mabus: Touch A Name on The Wall (In Concert), Fossil
26. Darrell Scott, Danny Thompson, Kenny Malone: With A Memory Like Mine (Live in NC), Full Light

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Zoe Darrow's "Please Don't Eat the Fiddleheads!," self

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!
27. The Prince Myshkins: Let Me Into the Military (Shiny Round Object), self
28. Fred Small: The Marine's Lament, or, The Pink Peril (Everything Possible), Flying Fish

29. Nuala Kennedy: My True Love (Tune In), Compass
30. Johnsmith: Jay Bird (Gravity of Grace), Blue Pine
31. Red Molly: Lookin' for Trouble (James), self
32. Angelo M.: That Train (Steelwork), self
33. Ann Reed: Loons on Lake Calhoun (Where The Earth Is Round), Turtle Cub
34. Red Rooster: Borrowed Money (Walk), self
35. Will Kimbrough: It Ain't Cool (Wings), Daphne
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House


Andy Revkin said...

Very gratifying to see "Arlington" up there amid Paxton et al.. : )

逸凡 said...


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