Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/10/10 Playlist

Birthdays/birth anniversary:
1. Cindy Kallet: Wings to Fly (Working on Wings to Fly), Folk-Legacy
2. Fay Baird / The Short Sisters: Winnegacome, Winnebago (A Little Gracefulness), Black Socks Press
3. Amy White: Happy Go Lucky vs. The Undertow (Bittersweet: An American Romance), Fairewood
4. Louis Killen: When Fortune Turns The Wheel (Old Songs, Old Friends), Front Hall LP
5. Helen Bonchek Schneyer: Meeting in The Air (On the Hallelujah Line), Folk-Legacy
6. Shawn Colvin: Get Out of This House (A Few Small Repairs), Columbia

A visit from Alastair Moock, recorded just before the program -- all songs live in studio:
7. Own Way to Heaven
8. Woody's Lament
9. A Cow Says Moo
10. A Life I Never Had
From his most recent CDs:
11. Fishin' Blues (A Cow Says Moock), self
12. God Saw Fit to Make Tears (Fortune Street), CoraZong

13. Lou & Peter Berryman: 30 degrees (Yah Hey), Cornbelt
14. Chris MacLean: Snow (Feet Be Still), self
15. Ensemble Galilei: Winter's Blanket (Notes from Across The Sea -- With Love, Ann Mayo Muir), self

16. The Devil Makes Three: Never Learn (Care for All: Musicians for Healthcare), self
17. Anais Mitchell / Maddub / Bernie Sanders: Suffering of The People (Care for All: Musicians for Healthcare)
18. Doug & Telisha Williams: Lorretta's Ballad (Ghost of The Knoxville Girl), self
19. Beverly Smith and Carl Jones: Maybelle (Glow), Ditty Ville
20. Ray Wylie Hubbard: Tornado Ripe (A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment...), Bordello

Birthday girls:
21. Cindy Kallet: Salmon River (This Way Home), Stone's Throw
22. Amy White: Forsaken (Bittersweet: An American Romance), Fairewood 23. Fay Baird / The Short Sisters: Moses (A Planet Dancing Slow), Black Socks Press

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Ensemble Galilei's "Notes from Across The Sea"

24. Karma Farmers: Virgins in Heaven (Songs for Aging Cynics), Shiflettunes
25. Cindy Kalmenson: Land of The Free (I'm Not Leaving), Big Gack 26. James Keelaghan: House of Cards (House of Cards), Borealis
27. Liz Longley: Almost over You (Somewhere in The Middle), Luckelizz

28. Pete Kennedy: 19 in Vietnam (Guitarslinger), self
29. Donna Hebert: La Grondeuse / La Grande Gigue Simple (In Full Bloom), self
30. Matt Harlan: Driving Song (Tips & Compliments), Berkalin
31. Girlyman: Storms Were Mine (Everything's Easy), self
32. Levon Helm: Growin' Trade (Electric Dirt), Vanguard
33. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House Records

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