Sunday, November 8, 2009

11/8/09 Playlist

1. Gretchen Peters with Tom Russell: Prairie in The Sky (One to The Heart, One to The Head), Scarlet Letter
2. Joel Mabus: Poison in The Glass (No Worries Now...), Fossil
3. Dolly Parton: My Tennessee Mountain Home (Dolly sampler), RCA Nashville / Legacy
4. James Keelaghan: McConnville's (House of Cards), Borealis

5. Vicky Emerson: Into the Woods (Long Ride), self
6. Lennie Gallant: Tonight I Drive You Home (If We Had A Fire), Fontana
7. Anne Hills: The Moon's Song (Points of View), Appleseed
8. Paul Benoit: Bluebird (Bluebird), self

It's a time of illness, what with various kinds of flu around. I'm lucky enough not to get sick very often, but when I do I always remember being a sick little kid, home from school, spending the day in my mother's bed listening to the radio, sipping tablespoons-full of flat ginger ale.

9. Greg Brown: Say A Little Prayer (Red House 25: A Silver Anniversary Retrospective), Red House
10. Dave Moore: Mama Had A Sick Child (Jukejoints & Cantinas), Red House
11. Sally Rogers: Some Little Bug Is Gonna Find You Someday (Love Will Guide Us), Flying Fish LP
12. Bernard Carney & Peter Grayling: Bronchiodilated Blues (No Time Like the Future), Tempo (Australian)
13. Herdman / Hills / Mangsen: The Druggist (At the Turning of The Year), Hand & Heart Music
14. Austin Lounge Lizards: The Drugs I Need (The Drugs I Need), Blue Corn Music
15. Aztec Two-Step: Better These Days (Days of Horses), Red Engine

Roy and The Lizards make even the somber subject of health-care reform funny, in a macabre sort of way. Maybe they've been reading the "health reform" legislation.
16. Austin Lounge Lizards: Go Ahead and Die (The Drugs I Need), Blue Corn Music
17. Roy Zimmerman: Dear Number 1036924053887 (Thanks for The Support), Metaphor

Some true stories and more:
18. Sparky & Rhonda Rucker: Hard As Stone (One Earth), Tremont
19. Garnet Rogers: Election Night -- North Dakota (At A High Window), Snow Goose
20. Ian Robb: They're Taking It Away (From Different Angels), Fallen Angle
21. Ben Bullington: Twangy Guitars (White Sulphur Springs), self

22. Dolly Parton with Porter Wagoner: The Last Thing on My Mind (Dolly sampler), RCA Nashville / Legacy

23. The Avett Brothers: Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise (I and Love and You), American
24. Corinne West: Whisky Poet (The Promise), Make Records
25. Rancho Deluxe: Maintenance Man (True Freedom), self
26. Debra Cowan: The Rainbow (Fond Desire Farewell), Falling Mountain

The Dreaded Folk Calendar, over selections from Oliver Schroer's "Camino"

27 & 28. WPA (Iron Horse 11/15): Cry for You & Remember Well (Works Progress Administration), self
29. Neko Case: Polar Nettles (Middle Cyclone), Anti-

30. Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream on Mondays: First Lesson (Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up), Little Sandwich
31. Sparky and Rhonda Rucker: My Blues (One Earth), Tremont
It's Bonnie's birthday:
32. Bonnie Raitt: Write me A Few of Your Lines / Kokomo Blues (Takin My Time), Warner Bros
33. Bonnie Raitt: Love Me Like A Man (Give It Up), Warner Bros
34. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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