Sunday, November 1, 2009

11/1/09 Playlist

1. Jeff Black: Standing Still (Mining for Gold), private / Warner
2. Blame Sally: Vera Chiesa (Night of 1000 Stars), self
3. Sarazin Blake: India or Spain (The Air Your Lungs Forced Out), Art of The Underground
4. Avi & Celia: Cold Cold Ground (Let It Rise), self

5. Charlie King and Karen Brandow: You Can't Buy Me (Higher Ground), Vaguely Reminiscent Sounds
6. Emily Kurn: I'm Just Like You (I'm Just Like You), self
7. EnochKent: Some Hae Meat (One More Round), Borealis
8. Cori Brewster: Across the Great Divide (Buffalo St.), Shadow Lake

No more daylight savings time -- our own wrinkle in time:
9. Bob Zentz: Wrinkle in Time (Beaucatcher Farewell), Folk-Legacy LP
10. Bob Zentz: It's About Time (It's About Time), self
11. Bob Zentz: Time, Friend, Time (Mirrors and Changes), Folk-Legacy LP

Girsa in concert at The Wilde Auditorium 11/7:
12 & 13. Girsa: I Live Not Where I Love & Paddy Ryan's Dream/Blue Britches (Traditional Irish Music), RiverRollick

14. Ric J. Edmiston: Holy Man (Good Grief), Bongseye
15. Dolly Parton & many friends: Romeo (Dolly Sampler), RCA Nashville / Legacy
16. Michael Jerling: How Can People Live Like That (Music Here Tonight), Fool's Hill
17. The Four Bitchin' Babes: Chocolate (Diva Nation), Hem and Haw

It's their birth anniversary or birthday:
18. Sippie Wallace with Bonnie Raitt: Women Be Wise (Sippie), Atlantic LP, 1982
19. Lyle Lovett: Texas Trilogy, Daybreak (Step Inside This House), Curb/MCA
20. Gordon Lightfoot: Ode to Big Blue (Songbook), Warner / Rhino
21. Sippie: Up the Country Blues (Sippie)
22. Lyle: Texas Trilogy, Train Ride (Step Inside This House)
23. Gordon: Early Morning Rain (Songbook)
24. Sippie: You Got to Know How (Sippie)

Loreena McKennitt about Samhain and All Souls Night:
25. Samain Night (Parallel Dreams), Quinlan Road
26. All Souls Night (The Visit), Quinlan Road

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Randy Collins's "Elevate," Selfless Records

27 & 28. Anne Hills: A Plain Song & Gardens (Points of View), Appleseed www.appleseedmusiccom

29. James Hill & Anne Davison: Ode to A Frozen Boot (True Love Don't Weep), Borealis
30. Miss Tess: Train Ride to Caroline (Darling, Oh Darling), self []
31. Bop Ensemble: Flash Around the Globe (Between Trains), Cordova Bay \
32. Hank Williams Jr.: Red, White & Pink-Slip Blues (127 Rose Avenue), Curb / Hank
33. Jakob's Hollow: The Yuppie Song (The Legend of Bobby the Kid), self []
34. Bread & Bones: I Was Not Born Here (I Know Stories), Riptone
35. David Kleiner: Nine Afghan Children (The News That's Fit to Sing), self
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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