Sunday, October 4, 2009

10/4/09 Playlist

1. Jim Post: Beautiful City (Reach out Together), self
2. Robyn Landis: Dry Rain, Calm Wind (Many Moons), Brave Hearts Music
3. Jaime Michaels: Red Western Flyer (Crooked), Frumdahart
4. Annie & Rod Capps: Sheriff's Daughter (My Blue Garden), Yellow Room

5. Joe Jencks: Bracero (Links in A Chain), Turtle Bear
6. Mindy Smith: Disappointed (Stupid Love), Vanguard
7. Ben Sands: Fair Exchange (Better Already), Spring
8. Avi & Celia: Rollin' & Tumblin' (Let It Rise), self

Autumn already:
9. Herdman / Hills / Mangsen: Goodbye to the Roses (At the Turning of The Year), Hand & Heart Music
10. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: When the First Leaves Fall (A Sense of Place), Redwing
11. Paul & Win Grace and Family: Autumn Harvest (Dance Upon the Earth), self
12. Charlie Maguire: Fall Is Here (Harbour Lights: The Second Voyage), Mello-Jamin Music

13. Dar Williams: the End of The Summer (End of The Summer), Razor & Tie
14. John McCutcheon: Colors (Autumnsongs), Rounder Kids
15. Jeremy Kittel: Summer's End / Elly's Autumn (Roaming), self

Guest: Stan Sullivan (at Roaring Brook w/ Mustard's Retreat, 10/10)
16. Stan Sullivan: Summer Mistress (live in studio)
17. Mustard's Retreat: Shenandoah (A Resolution of Something), self 18. Stan Sullivan: instrumental medley (live in studio)
19. Mustard's Retreat: [I neglected to write down the name of the song]
20. Stan Sullivan: Just A Little Blue (live in studio)

21. Arlo Guthrie with The Dillards: Do Re Mi (32 cents Postage Due), Rising Son
22. Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion: When the Lilacs Are In Bloom (Folksong), RTE 8 Records

23. Pride of New York: The Stage / medley (Pride of New York), Compass
24. Battlefield Band: Plain Gold Ring (Zama Zama), Temple

Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from "Pride of New York," Compass

I read George Monbiot's "A Millionaire with A Super Yacht Is a Larger Strain on Resources Than Hundreds of Peasant Families"
25. Battlefield Band: Robber Barons (Zama Zama), Temple
26. Carol Denney: The Rich Will Never Be Poor (The Rich Will Never Be Poor), self
27. Peggy Seeger: Legal Illegal (Enough Is Enough), self
28. Chuck McCabe: A Prayer for The Living (Bad Gravity Day), Woodshed

29. Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion: When the lilacs Are in Bloom (Folksong), RTE 8
30. Arlo Guthrie: If Ever I should See the Mountain (Tales of '69), Rising Son

31. Susan Werner: The Night We Won the War (single), download]
32. Cliff Eberhardt: When the Leaves Begin to Fall (500 Miles), Red House
33. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House


dsanford01 said...
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dsanford01 said...

Thanks, Susan. A wonderful show, as usual. Dar Williams' "The End of the Summer" was very special to me, as I was driving home from dropping off my freshman daughter at college(she had been home for the weekend). Also, the article about overpopulation vs. lifestyle was particularly insightful.