Monday, October 12, 2009

10/11/09 Playlist

The first two sets are a rough reconstruction – I lost the original playlist to a computer glitch (a shock, I know).

1.Rosanne Cash: I'm Movin' On (The List), Manhattan
2. The Barefoot Boys: Storm King (Sweetwater Passage), self
3. Betty Soo: Never the Pretty Girl (Heat Sin Water Skin), self
4. Blue Mule: Working Man Blues (Scratchy), Flat Five

5. Stephanie Bettman: I Love Ya Honey (Get Close to Me), self
6. Craig Bickhardt: This Old House (Brother to The Wind), Stone Barn 7. Caren Armstrong: All the Help (Everything), Wildplum
8. I can’t remember

All from "Still Moving Mountains: The Journey Home," Aurora Lights
9. Kathy Mattea: Blue Diamond Mines
10. Debra Cowan: Who Brought the Flood?
11. Interview with Debbie Jarrell / Jen Osha: Shumate Dam
12. Mike Morningstar: Buffalo Creek

It's Columbus Day weekend: I read an AP article about the changing educational emphasis about Columbus --
13. Sally Rogers: 1492 (What Can One Little Person Do), Thrushwood

Interview with Sarah Lee Guthrie, recorded Saturday before the Guthrie family’s second concert on the UConn campus:
15. Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family: Go Waggaloo (Go Waggaloo), Smithsonian Folkways
16. Sarah Lee et al: Don't I Fit in My Daddy's Shoes? (Go Waggaloo)
17. Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion: Folksong (Folksong), RTE 8
18. Sarah Lee et al: If Mama Had Four Hands (Go Waggaloo)
19. Sarah Lee et al: Take Me to Show-and-Tell (Go Waggaloo)

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from "The Melody of Rhythm" (Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain, Edgar Meyer), E1 Records

It's Hugh Blumenfeld's birthday
20. All the Wood of Lebanon (The Strong in Spirit), Prime CD
21. Bring Stones (Barehanded), Prime CD
22. Raphael (Mozart's Money), Prime CD
23. On the Night before The Bombs Came Down (Mr. Jekyll & Dr. Hyde), self
24. The Snail (Rocket Science), Prime CD

At The Buttonwood Tree on 10/16:
25. Rupert Wates: You'll See Me Again (Dear Life), Bite Music

It's also Annie Gallup's birthday -- both songs from "Steady Steady Yes," Prime CD
26. Three Photographs
27. Stone Angel

28. John Gorka: Where No Monuments Stand (So Dark You See), Red House
29. Christine Lavin: Good Thing SHE Can't Read My Mind (Cold Pizza for Breakfast), Yellow Tail
30. Cliff Eberhardt: Back of My Mind (500 Miles: The Blue Rock Sessions), Red House
31. Maura O'Connell with Darrell Scott & The Settles: Shipbuilding (Naked -- with Friends), Sugar Hill
32. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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