Sunday, June 21, 2009

Links with Frequent Updates about Iran

About new technology making it hard to keep events secret, Ariana Huffington says:

This week's events in Iran have been a defining moment for new media. The people tweeting from demonstrations and uploading video of bloody violence taken with their camera phones have been able to tell a powerful story, in real-time, and circumvent the efforts of the mullahs to control the media and the flow of information. Social networking, often derided as the public preening of people with too much time on their hands, has been transformed into an indispensable tool for organizing and keeping the world informed. You know that journalism's tectonic plates have shifted when the State Department is asking Twitter to postpone shutting down for scheduled repairs so that the on-the-ground citizen reporting coming out of Iran could continue uninterrupted.

New York Times:

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish:

All can be refreshed for updates.

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