Monday, June 1, 2009

5/31/09 Playlist

1. Girl Howdy: (Girl Howdy at Rhythm & Roots), FestivaLink
2. Bruce Cockburn: Wait No More (Slice O Life), Rounder
3. The Greencards: Fascination (Fascination), Sugar Hill 4052
4. Malinky: Dark Horse on The Wind (Flower & Iron), Mad River 1013

5. The Kennedys: Pete's intro to Dylan Fest / You Ain't Going Nowhere (The Kennedys Sing Bob Dylan), self "bootleg"
6. Dave Alvin: Artesia (Man of Somebody's Dreams), Yep Roc 2198
7. Blame Sally: Vera Chiesa (Night of 1000 Stars), self
8. Jim Henry: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (King of Hearts), self

9. Girlyman: Good Enough (Joyful Sign), self
10. James Gordon: The Moon Looks Like It's Crying (Nine Green Bottles), Borealis 182
11. Laura Boosinger: Sail Away Ladies (Old Time Banjo Festival), Rounder 0584
12. Levon Helm: The Mountain (Dirt Farmer), Vanguard 79844

From "Music of Coal" from Lonesome Records & Publishing
13. The Carter Family: Coal Miner's Blues
14. Aunt Molly Jackson: Hard Times in Coleman's Mine
15. Ted Chestnut: He's Only A Miner Killed in The Ground
16. Nimrod Workman: Coal Black Mining Blues

17 & 18. Bu a (Wilde Auditorium 7/3): Brid Thomis Mlhruchadha & The Caladh Thaidhg Regatta medley (An Spealadoir / The Harvester), Mad River 1016

19 & 20. Nanci Griffith: The Loving Kind & Money Changes Everything (The Loving Kind), Rounder 3275

21 & 22. Greg Greenway: Highway 4am & Sick and Tired (Standing on The Side of Love), Face
23. Haale: Hastee (No Ceiling), Channel A Music
24. Wyatt Easterling: Where This River Goes (Where This River Goes), High Horse

Today is World No Tobacco Day:
25. Gob Iron: Nicotine Blues (Death Songs for the Living), Legacy

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Bodega's "Under the Counter," Mad River 1010

I just started reading "Working Girl Blues: The Life & Music of Hazel Dickens:"
From her LP "Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People" on Rounder:
26 - 28. Tomorrow's Already Lost, Lonesome Pine Special, Lost Patterns

Today's the date of the original Memorial Day:
29. Ensemble: Rise and Stand (Songs for Our Soldiers), Elthon
30. Robby Hecht: Along the Way (Late Last Night), self

From "Wilderness Plots," Rosehill Records
31. Carrie Newcomer: Healing Waters
32. Tom Roznowski: Living Things

33. Ben Sollee: A Change Is Gonna Come (Learning to Bend), Thirty Tigers
34. Todd Snider: Dividing the Estate (Peace Queer), Aimless
35. Todd Giudice: Put the Hammer Down (Little Known Secret), self
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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