Sunday, March 8, 2009

3/8/09 Playlist

1. Steve Martin with Vince Gill & Dolly Parton: Pretty Flowers (The Crow), self
2. Caroline Doctorow: The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (Another Country), Narrow Lane
3. Gideon Freudmann: Old Haunt (Sonic Surf), Octagon 208
4. Kathy Mattea [at Jorgensen 3/20 & 3/21): The L & N Don't Stop Here Anymore (Coal), Thirty Tigers

5. Liz Carroll & John Doyle: John Cahill's Jig / Tommy Doyle's (Double Play), Compass 4502
6. Jack Hardy & David Massengill: Losers (Partners in Crime), Great Divide
7. Lisa Markley: Skylark (One Word), Soona Songs 013
8. Joe Crookston: Brooklyn in July (Able Baker Charlie & Dog), Milagrito 78

9. Denice Franke: Brand New Sky (Gulf Coast Blue), Certain Records 4
10. Houston Jones: Sleepy Armadillo (Calico Heart), Summerhill 004
11. Feufollet: Femme L'A Dit (Cow Island Hop), Valcour 5
12. Jonathan Byrd: The Law & The Lonesome (The Law & The Lonesome), Waterbug 85

Interview with Carrie Newcomer, recorded Friday 3/6/09
13. There Is A Tree (The Geography of Light), Philo 1253
14. Geodes (live in studio)
15. Leaves Don't Drop, They Just Let Go (live in studio)
16. Silver (live in studio)
17. Be True (Regulars & Refugees), Philo

Throughout the show I gave away tix to Mattea's concert on March 20:
18. Kathy Mattea: Red-Winged Blackbird (Coal), Thirty Tigers

How will you choose? All are playing in CT on 3/14:
19. Gordon Bok (CT Audubon Society): Wild Birds (And So Will We Yet), Folk-Legacy 116
20. Priscilla Herdman (Roaring Brook): Blue Boat Home (Into the Stars), Stardreamer 2001
21. Brian Peters (Branford Folk Society): Hind Horn (demo), self
22. Kallet / Epstein / Cicone (Sounding Board): Mammals (Only Human), Overall Music 2

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Liz Carroll & John Doyle's "Double Play," Compass 4502

A producer of one of WHUS's public affairs programs called in with the news that a women's delegation had been allowed in to Gaza -- she forwarded a report and I read it in honor of International Women's Day.

23. Kathy Mattea: You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive (Coal), Thirty Tigers

These two songs have some musical similarities -- I forgot to bring in Bill Morrissey's "Birches," which would have fit very well between them.
24. Paul Sachs (Buttonwood Tree 3/13): Mean Streets (MP3),
25. Anais Mitchell: Old Fashioned Hat (The Brightness), Righteous Babe 53

Is YOUR state losing all sorts of human services in this economic meltdown?
27. Ian Robb: They're Taking It Away (From Different Angels), Fallen Angle 01
28. Garnet Rogers: Election Night: North Dakota (At A High Window), Snow Goose 1121
29. Chip Taylor: Theme from An American Hero (New Songs of Freedom), Train wreck 0029

30. Eliza Gilkyson et al (I forgot to cue up my usual closing song): Highway 9 (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174


John said...

Thanks for another great show. I enjoyed the interview with Carrie Newcomer and found some good info including book recommendations on her website.

I just listened to a good interview with Keith Reid on the "Good Music" show on I liked the song "Potter's Field" from the Keith Reid Project's disc "A Common Thread." Not sure if you're already aware of that radio show and the Keith Reid Project, but thought I'd pass it along.

Susan Forbes Hansen said...

John, sorry not to notice your comment earlier.

Glad you liked the chat with Carrie -- she was wonderfully easy to work with, and does lovely work.

I'm not already aware of either the radio show (I'm always listening to CDs for potential airplay!) or the disc, so thanks very much for the information.

John said...

Sorry Susan--I have the wrong URL for WFDU, from Fairleigh Dickinson University. It is:

There's also a show called "Traditions" under "Specialty Programs" that I want to check out. It's all folk, whereas "Good Music" covers more than folk.

Hope you find something interesting...

P.S. The "dreaded" folk calendar is not so dreaded after clued me into a venue a few miles from me in Northern NJ, which I found in the links on the thank you!