Saturday, February 28, 2009

Your chance to support WHUS and The Sunday Night Folk Festival

Radiothon 2009 starts on Saturday March 14 and ends Sunday March 22. If you're able to participate, we'll have terrific premiums with which to thank you, including CDs, books, prints, Ts, and lots more.

The March 22 Sunday Night Folk Festival MIGHT be preempted in part or in whole, so tune in on March 15 and support what I hope is your favorite folk-programming!

Thank you.

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felixberto said...

Thank you, Susan for all you do.
I already pledged by mail a few weeks ago.
Kayaking time is coming! If you ever get up to Newton,MA, try the Charles River in Auburndale,Ma.
They even have moonlight trips. You can bring your own Kayak. It is beautiful in the fall.

Fondly,Elizabeth Eslao.