Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I have a photo exhibit up at Roaring Brook,

and Susan Campbell was kind enough to put a note about it on her blog:



John said...

Hi Susan-

I really enjoyed the photo on Susan Campbell's blog, I think because to me it looks peaceful and quiet, as well as mysterious. The sky is really nice. I don't think I can make it to the exhibit--are there more photos of this and your other work online?

I have been a fan of your show since 1993 when I was at UConn. Now I listen online as much as I can--it really brings a calmness to the end of my week -- thank you!

Susan Forbes Hansen said...

Hi John -- there aren't many images on-line; the work is film- and paper-based, and I've only digitized a couple of photos. You can find a couple of others on Susan's blog, and Ed McKeon has one on his blog right now (http://caterwauled.blogspot.com).

I'll be having a show at the UConn library in a YEAR, so make your travel plans now!

Susan Forbes Hansen said...

And P.S., John: thanks for hanging in all these years!

John said...

Thanks for the info Susan!