Monday, September 10, 2007

Playlist, The Sunday Night Folk Festival, 9/9/07

1. The Pines: Midnight Sun (Sparrows in The Bell), Red House 201
2. Karen Mal: Surprise (The Space Between), Waterbug 77
3. James Lee Stanley: The World We Left Behind (The Eternal Contradiction), Beachwood 2473
4. Terri Hendrix: Bottom of A Hill (The Spiritual Kind), Wilory 30008

5. Anne Hills: Little Orphant Annie (Ef You Don't Watch Out), Collective Works 0504
6. Richard Shindell (at Strawberry Park Folk Festival): The Storms Are on The Ocean (South of Delia), self
7. Claudia Schmidt: Trailhead (Spinning), Pragmavision
8. Hope Machine: Black Hills (March), Tribes Hill

9. Jennifer Warnes: First We Take Manhattan (Famous Blue Raincoat -- 20th Anniversary Edition), Shout Factory 10490
10. John McCutcheon: Oprah Seat (This Fire), Appalsongs 2007
11. Nick Annis: Home Depot (Frog's Thursday), self
12. Steppin' in It, with Rachael Davis: Shout Sister Shout (Shout Sister Shout), self

13. Joe Jencks: Gasoline (The Candle and The Flame), self
14. The Roches: Jesus Shaves (Moonswept), 429 Records 17636
15. The Sevens: Where Shall I Fly (Valiant), Newgrange
16. Claudia Russell and The Folk Unlimited Orchestra: Hard Part's Lettin' Go (Live Band Tonight), Radio Rhythm Records
Mary Chapin Carpenter suffered a pulmonary embolism in April, and her friend Eliza Gilkyson says "she's not out of the woods yet"
17. A Road Is Just A Road (Hometown Girl), Columbia CK 40758
18. Stones in The Road (Stones in The Road), Columbia CK 64327
19. Between Here and Gone (Between Here and Gone), Columbia CK 86619
20. On With the Song (The Calling), Zoe 1111

21. Jonathan Edwards (at Strawberry Park Folk Festival): This Island Earth (private demo)
22. The Little Willies: It's Not You It's Me (The Little Willies), EMI 50671
23. Robbie Fulks: I Like Being Left Alone (Revenge!), Yep Roc 2125
24. Jennifer Warnes: Patriot Dreams (The Well), Music Force Media Group

Tuesday is the sixth anniversary of some events that have forever changed this country:
25. Kitty Donohoe: There Are No Words (single), self
26. Mark Erelli: The Only Way (The Only Way -- EP), Signature Sounds 1271A
27. Deborah Liv Johnson: This Final Ride (The Good and Bad of It), Mojave Sun
28. Bruce Springsteen: Empty Sky (The Rising), Columbia CK 86600

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from "Spyglass Waltzes" by Rodney Miller and Elvie Miller, Brimstone Corner 002

29. Short Sisters (Branford Coffeehouse 9/15): Blizzard of Lies (Live from Four States), Black Socks 17

30. Cliff Eberhardt (at Twin Angels Folk Festival): Let This Whole Thing Burn (The High Above and The Down Below), Red House 199
31. Tracy Grammer (Strawberry Park): Laughlin Boy (Flower of Avalon), Signature Sounds 1292
32. Mustards Retreat (Strawberry Park): Festival Night (There... and Back Again), Yellow Room
33. Rani Arbo & daisy Mayhem (Strawberry Park): Red Haired Boy (Big Old Life), Signature Sounds 2005

34 & 35. Woody Guthrie: Talking Dust Bowl Blues & Dead or Alive (The Live Wire), The Woody Guthrie Foundation

36. Modern Man: Assisted Living (Assisted Living), Inverted Turtle
37. Mae Robertson: The One Who Knows (Dream), Lyric Partners
38. Eliza Gilkyson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Iris DeMent, Patty Griffin: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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