Sunday, February 28, 2010

2/28/10 Playlist

1. Carolina Chocolate Drops: Snowden's Jig (Genuine Negro Jig), Nonesuch
2. Patty Griffin: Death's Got A Warrant (Downtown Church), Credential
3. Patrick Bloom: Minnesota (Ghosts of Radio), Mud Dauber
4. Patty Larkin w/ Beppe Gambetta: St. Augustine (25), Signature Sounds

5. Hoots & Hellmouth (Pearl Street 3/6): Family Band (The Holy Open Secret), Mad Dragon
6. Atwater-Donnelly (Aubrey at Windsor Art Center 3/4): She Sits at Her Loom (The Blackest Crow), Rabbit Island
7. Brooks Williams (Iron Horse 3/7): Lightning (The Time I Spend with You), Red Guitar Blue Music
8. Maria Sangiolo (Plainfield Town Hall 3/5): Red Tent (One Autumn Night), Long Night Moon

9. Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem (The Kate 3/7): They All Ask'd For You (Ranky Tanky), self
10. Kerri Powers (Iron Horse 3/3, S.N.F.F. 3/7): Do You Hear Footsteps (Faith in the Shadows), self
11. Todd Snider (Iron Horse 3/3): Corpus Christi Bay (The Excitement Plan), Yep Roc
12. Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas (Iron Horse 3/2): St. Kilda Wedding / Brose & Butter (Fire & Grace), Culburnie

13. Notorious (Sounding Board 3/6): Gelem, Gelem / medley (Elkin), Black Socks
14. Jonathan Edwards (Stone Soup 3/6): Seven Daffodils (Rollin' Along), Strictly Country
15. Girlyman (Iron Horse 3/6): Easy Bake Ovens (Everything's Easy), self 16. Catie Curtis (Garde 3/6): (Hello, Stranger), Compass

Eliza Gilkyson at Roaring Brook 3/6
17. Rosie Strike Back (Legends of Rainmaker), Gold Castle
18. Lights of Santa Fe (Through The Looking Glass), Private Music
19. Solitary Singer (Redemption Road), Silver Wave
20. Great Correction (Beautiful World), Red House

Grace Griffith's famous cat Miss Kitty died this week; she was included on a couple of album covers over the years -- these songs aren't about her, but what the heck:
21 & 22. Cindy Mangsen: Open That Can & The Familiar (Cat Tales), Compass Rose

More concerts:
23. Black 47 (Half Door 3/6): One Starry Night (Bankers and Gangsters), United for Opportunity
24. Lunasa (Crawford & Vallely in Middletown house concert 3/6): Bulgarian Rock (The Kinnitty Sessions), Compass

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Fraser & Haas's "Fire & Grace," Culburnie

25. Jim Mercik w/Hugh Blumenfeld: Is This Enough (Rocket Science), Prime CD
26. Jacquie Manning/Small Potatoes: Waltz of The Wallflowers (Waltz of The Wallflowers), Wind River
27. Matt & Shannon Heaton: Keeper of The Game (Dearga), self
28. Jim Douglas / Old Blind Dogs: The Wisest Fool (Play Live), Green Linnet

Nuclear power, the CLEAN solution!
29. John Hall: Plutonium Is Forever (No Nukes), Elektra
30. Tom Paxton: All Clear in Harrisburg (The Paxton Report), Mountain Railroad LP
31. Doobie Brothers / John Hall / James Taylor: Power (No Nukes), Elektra
32. Don Lange: Take the Children and Run (Don Lange Live), Flying Fish LP
33. Gil Scott-Heron: We Almost Lost Detroit (No Nukes), Elektra
34. Fred Small: Hot Frogs on The Loose (Everything Possible), Flying Fish

35. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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