Sunday, December 27, 2009

12/27/09 Playlist

1. Elizabeth Cotten: New Year's Eve (When I'm Gone), Folkways LP, 1979

2. Adrienne Young & Tim O'Brien: (Why Can't Every Day Be) Just Like Christmas (single), Addie Belle
3. Albert and Gage: Christmas Everyday (One More Christmas), Moon House
4. Tamarack: Christmas All Year (Blankets of Snow), SGB Productions
I read William Dean Howells's "Christmas Every Day" (published by Pocket Books, 1996)

Did you spend time with your family over the holidays?
5. Beth Nielsen Chapman: Years (Greatest Hits), Reprise
6. Lou and Peter Berryman: Big Dead Bird (House Concert), Cornbelt
7. Loudon Wainwright III: Christmas Morning (Bah Humbug), Greentrax
8. Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison: Oklahoma Christmas (Happy Holidays), self 9. Dar Williams: The Christians and the Pagans (The Christians and The Pagans -- EP), Razor & Tie
10. Tim O'Brien: Bah Humbug (Christmas on The Mountain), Universal South

11. Ilene Weiss: Tree (Weiss Christmas), Gadfly
12. Michael Dunkley & Suzanne Ives: Take the Tree Out to The Curb (A Holiday Feast Vol. VII), Hungry for Music
13. Misty River: Don't Take Down the Mistletoe (Mid Winter), self

New Year's Eve:
14. Geoff Bartley: Blue Moon on New Year's Eve (Put the Big Stone Down), Magic Crow
15. Bruce Pratt: First Night (Living above The Ground), West River Cassette 1994
16. Eliza Gilkyson: Riverside (Lost and Found), Red House
17. Gretchen Peters: New Year's Eve 1999 (download), self

18. Bob Zentz: The End of Another Year (download), self
19. Nowell Sing We Clear: An Orkney New Year's Carol (The Best of Sing We Clear), Front Hall 20. Jay Ansill with John Gorka: Song for New Year's Eve (A Lost World), BCN
21. Wil Maring: Things Will Be Better Next Year (An Ocean from Home), Bear Family
22. Slaid Cleaves: One Good Year (Broke Down), Philo
23. Ian Robb: Song for The New Year (Rose & Crown), Folk-Legacy
24. Loreena McKennitt: The Old Ways (A Christmas Radio Sampler 1999), Quinlan Road
25. Sean Tyrrell: The Rising of The Moon (The Orchard), Longwalk Music

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Adam Rafferty's "A Christmas Guitar Celebration," self

Resolutions: I read Nadine Stair's "If I Had My Life to Live Over...."
26. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Late for Your Life (Time * Sex * Love), Columbia
27. Out Behind the Barn: New Year's Resolution (A Holiday Feast), Hungry for Music
28. Kitty Donohoe: Do What You Love (This Road Tonight), Roheen
29. Colum Sands: One of These Days (All My Winding Journeys), Spring
30. Christine Lavin: The Moment Slipped Away (Beau Woes and Other Problems of Modern Life), Philo LP
31. Claire Lynch: Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring (Silver and Gold), Rounder
32. Michael Smith: Last Day of Pompeii (Michael Smith Love Stories), Flying Fish

33. Carla Sciaky: There Are Many Roads (Awakening), Green Linnet
34. James Taylor: That Lonesome Road (Live), Columbia
35. Eliza Gilkyson: Mama's Little Baby (Misfits), Realiza

I read a Quaker Benediction:
36. Dixie Chicks: I Hope (Taking the Long Way), Open Wide/Columbia
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

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