Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/17/09 Playlist

1. Ensemble: A Change Is Gonna Come (Playing for Change), Playing for Change
2. Patty Griffin: Long Ride Home (1000 Kisses), ATO
3. Nina Gerber with Terry Garthwaite: Steal Away (Live -- Good Music with Good People), Goatscape
4. Lyle Lovett and His Large Band: The Alley Song (It's Not Big It's Large), Curb / Lost Highway

5. Terri Hendrix: Summer Fly (Left Over Alls), Wilory
6. Hope Machine: Black Hills (March), self
7. The No Shit Shirleys: Heather's Song (Nutrify), self
8. I See Hawks in L.A.: Keep It in A Bottle (Hallowed Ground), Big Book Records

9. Abigail Washburn et al: Song for Mama (Afterquake), Afterquake
10. Crosby Tyler: Leave It All in The Hands of The Lord (10 Songs of America Today), Bohemia
11. Amy Speace: Storm Warning (The Killer in Me), Wildflower
12. Buddy & Julie Miller: Every Time We Say Goodbye (Written in Chalk), New West

13 & 14. Paranoid Larry and His Imaginary Band: Sharks 'R' Circlin' & Carpenter (The Struggle for Existence), Prove It Music
15. Neko Case: Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth (Middle Cyclone), Anti-
16. John Gorka with Cliff Eberhardt & Eliza Gilkyson: People Get Ready (Red House Records 25th Anniversary Tour Vol. 2), FestivaLink download

We’re still dealing with Colony Collapse Disorder – we now know some things that AREN’T affecting hives, but still don’t know the things that ARE affecting hives and honeybees.
17. Kate Jacobs: Honeybees (Hydrangea), Bar None
18. Herdman / Hills / Mangsen: The Language of The Bees (Institute of Musical Traditions concert), private
19. Nancy Tucker: Be The Best Bee (Escape of The Slinkys), A Gentle Wind

It's Jesse Winchester's birthday:
20 - 22. Stand By Me, It's A Shame About Him, Far Side Bank of Jordan (Love Filling Station), Appleseed

And it's Jerree Small's birthday too:
23 - 25. Minnesota, Figaro, 60 Words for Water (Mobius), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Allison Brown's "The Company You Keep," Compass

Because of the murder of a college student here in CT recently, I tried to find contemporary songs about men who decide that because "their" women are upsetting the status quo, the women should be killed. I came up just a few:
26. Lyle Lovett: L.A. County (Cowboy Man), Curb / MCA
27. Kerry Grombacher: Mothers Day / Tupelo (private download)
28. Crooked Still: Poor Ellen Smith (Still Crooked), Signature Sounds

Commencement time!
29. Bob Blue: Their Way (The Best of Bob Blue), Black Socks Press

30. Merlin Snider: Mama Don't Work Here (Right Here), Barking Dog
31. Po' Girl: Deer in The Night (Deer in The Night), self
32. Joe Pug: Hymn #101 (Nation of Heat EP), self
33. Jon Fromer: Gonna Take Us All (Gonna Take Us All), self

34. Billy Bragg: O Freedom (Mr. Love & Justice), Anti-
5. The Electric Trains: Ghost Train (Roots Music Right on Track), EP
36. Steve Howell: Windy & Warm (My Mind Gets to Ramblin'), Out of The Past
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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