Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30/08 Playlist

A short show, preempted around 8:25pm:

1. Truckstop Honeymoon: Nobody Asks Me (Great Big Family), Squirrel 1054
2. Ben Sollee: Bury Me with My Car (Learning to Bend), Thirty Tigers / Sona Blast 1015
3. The Figs: Cross That Bridge (The Figs), Valcour 0003
4. Still on The Hill: One Good Leg (Ozark), self

5. Asylum Street Spankers: Asylum Street Blues (slightly edited, from What? And Give Up Show Biz?), Yellow Dog 1408
6. Beausoleil: Basco Stomp (download -- from the forthcoming Alligator Purse), Yep Roc
7. Annbjorg Lien: Home East (Waltz with Me), Compass 4492
8. Barry & Holly Tashian: The Grey Funnel Line (Long Story Short), Rock-A-Lot 008

9. The Bluelights: Down and Out (Rub That Rhythm), self
10. Blue Mule: Kitty Creek (Scratchy), Flat Five Press 1135
11. Emmylou Harris: Kern River (All I Intended to Be), Nonesuch 480444
12. Jed Marum: Yankee in Texas (Ain't No Goin' Back), EP Boston Road Records

A few songs for the coming season and the current chill:
13. Matt & Shannon Heaton (at P.A.C.E. 12/6: Fine Winter's Night (Fine Winter's Night), self
14. Joel Mabus: Snow on The Water (The Joel Mabus Omnibus), Fossil 1908
15. Kitty Donohoe / The Yellow Room Gang: Winter Dark (Happy New Day), Yellow Room Records 009
16. Loreena McKennitt: Snow (A Midwinter Night's Dream), Quinlan Road 12096
17. Krista Detor: A Traveler in Winter (The Silver Wood), Tightrope

The guy’s view of the failed romance………
18. Chris Stuart and Backcountry: I Remember Memphis (Crooked Man), self
19. Barry & Holly Tashian: Honey, Where's The Money Gone (Long Story Short), Rock-A-Lot 008
20. Joel Mabus: The Book I Gave Up Reading (The Joel Mabus Omnibus), Fossil 1908

21. Annabelle Chvostek: The Sioux (Resilience), Borealis 193]

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