Friday, March 14, 2008

3/14/08 Fill-in Playlist

This program followed Democracy Now, so it seemed natural to use songs of a topical / political nature:

1. Tom Lehrer: It Makes A Fellow Proud to Be A Soldier (An Evening Wasted with Tom Lehrer), Reprise 6199
2. Richard Thompson: I Ain't Marching Any More (RT / The Songs Pour Down Like Silver), Free Reed 55
3. Dan Bern: After the Parade (My Country II), Messenger 19
4. Darrell Scott / Danny Thompson / Kenny Malone: With A Memory Like Mine (Live in NC), Full Light 42
5. Meg Hutchinson: Song for Jeffrey Lucey (Come Up Full), Red House 209

6. Steve Quelet: Foxhole (House of Wax), self
7. Jez Lowe: Dover Delaware (demo)
8. John Prine: Sam Stone (John Prine), Atlantic 19156
9. Mat Callahan & Yvonne Moore: Johnny Refused (Welcome), Broken Arrow
10. Roy Zimmerman: Thanks for the Support (single), self
11. Bruce Springsteen: Last to Die (Magic), Columbia 17060

12. Patty Larkin: Metal Drums (Live in The Square), Philo 1136
13. Chris Williamson: Waters of Spokane (Real Deal), Wolf Moon 65406

14. Malvina Reynolds: Little Boxes (Ear to The Ground), Smithsonian Folkways 40124
15. Tom Paxton & Anne Hills: Manzanar (Under American Skies), Appleseed 1052
16. Randy Newman: Political Science (Sail Away), Reprise / Rhino
17. The Kingston Trio: Merry Minuet (...from the "Hungry i"), Capitol LP
18. Mavis Staples: My Own Eyes (We'll Never Turn Back), Anti- promo

19. Paranoid Larry: R. U. N. Alien (Are You Following Me?), Prove It 03
20. Todd Snider: Conservative Christian, Right Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American Males (East Nashville Skyine), Oh Boy promo
21. Joni Mitchell: Strong and Wrong (Shine), HEAR 30457
22. Barry McGuire: Eve of Destruction (single)
23. Shawn Mullins: For America (Honeydew), Vanguard 79830

24. The Kennedys: Give Me Back My Country (Better Dreams), Appleseed 1107
25. Solas: Song of Choice (The Words That Remain), Shanachie 78023
26. Band of Hope: If They Come in The Morning (Rhythm and Reds), Musikfest 512

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