Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/10/08 Playlist

1. Lenny Solomon Band: It's Snowing (Maybe Today), Not Life Threatening 002
2. Sweet Honey in The Rock: Dog, Dog (Experience ... 101), Appleseed 1104
3. John McCutcheon: Hope Dies Last (This Fire), Appalsongs 2007
4. Ruthy Ungar: Sunday Kinda Love (Jukebox), Humble Abode Music 002

5 & 6. Woody Guthrie: Tom Joad & Grand Coulee Dam (The Live Wire: Woody Guthrie in Performance 1949), Woody Guthrie Foundation

7. Sugar Bayou: He's Just Weak (Dance Hall Incident), Spare Parts 56474
8. Jason Spooner: All That We Know (The Flame You Follow), self
9. Sally Spring: Ain't No Ash Will Burn (Mockingbird), Sniffinpup 0001
10. Spicewood Seven: Iraqi Soldier Blues (Kakistocracy), Austin Records Inc. 70406

11 - 14. from Songs from Sing Out! Volume 51 #4
11. Sara Grey: Derry Dems of Arrow
12. Jonathan Byrd: Jacks
13. The Mountain Goats: Cotton
14. Chuck Pyle: Long Time Gone

15. Eva Cassidy: American Tune (American Tune), Blix Street G2 10079
16. Matt Callahan & Yvonne Moore: Old John Brown (Welcome), Broken Arrow
17. Ann Wilson with Alison Krauss: War of Man (Hope & Glory), Zoe 1085
18. Mark Erelli: Here & Now (Hope & Other Casualties), Signature Sounds 1296

Due to health problems, Utah Phillips has had to give up touring. You can find out more at
These songs are from "Starlight on The Rails: A Songbook," Daemon Records 19047
19. Going Away
20. Old Buddy, Goodnight
21. Jesse's Corrido

I read a bit of Matthew Rothschild's Progressive article "The FBI Deputizes Business"
22. Roy Zimmerman: Multinational Anthem (Security), Metaphor 917
23. Eric Bogle: Global Economy (The Colour of Dreams), Greentrax 237

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Roger Williams's "A Resophonic Retrospective," Happy Appy 5,

24 & 25. Rebecca Troon: Small Acts of Kindness & Hazelwood (Turning Around), Awful Good Records
26. Danny Schmidt: California's on Fire (Little Grey Sheep), Waterbug 79
27. Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez: Do Your Part (Let's Leave This Town), Lone Star 4009
28. Carrie Newcomer: One Woman and A Shovel (The Geography of Light), Philo 1253

29. Bill Morrissey: Dangerous Way (Come Running), Turn and Spin 1125
30. Tracy Grammer: Lord of The Buffalo (Book of Sparrows), self
31. James Gordon & Sons: Levee's Broken (Nine Green Bottles), Borealis 182
32. Cathy Fink: Mistreated Mama Blues (Banjo Talkin'), Rounder 0599
33. Tom Paxton: How Beautiful Upon The Mountain (Comedians & Angels), Appleseed 1105
34. Joel Mabus: Holding to The Land (Retold), Fossil 180
35. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

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