Sunday, July 25, 2010

7/25/10 Playlist

It's their birthday:
1. Karen Savoca: On the River Road (On the River Road), Alcove
2. Bob Franke: Thanksgiving Eve (In This Night), Flying Fish
3. Karen Savoca: You Just Don't Get It (Sunday in Nandua), Alcove
4. Bob Franke: Krystallnacht (The Heart of The Flower), Daring

New (to us):
5. Dougie MacLean: Talking with My Father (Who Am I), Dunkeld
6. Lisa Bigwood: Iris and Rose (Intrepid), self
7. Robert Poe: Last Ride (Robert Poe), self
8. Jimmy Webb & Linda Ronstadt: All I Know (Just Across the River), E1
9. Andyblue: My Union (Key to The Highway), self

Too darn hot:
10. John McCutcheon: Kid Who Hates Summer (Summersongs), Rounder
11. Lou and Peter Berryman: Have You Heard about The Heat (Yah Hey), Cornbelt
12. Sara Watkins: Long Hot Summer Days (Sara Watkins), Nonesuch
13. Jim Post: Hot Summer Night (Ship Shape), Flying Fish LP
14. Jim Henry: Summer Blues (Jacksonville), Signature Sounds
15. Christine Lavin: Air Conditioner (Beau Woes), Philo / Rounder LP

Sept. '08 interview with Chuck McCabe, who died on Friday 7/23:
16. Meat in A Can (live)
17. All Figured Out (live)
18. Gone to Utah (live)
19. The Flavor Came from Fat (live)
20. Contractor (Creatures of Habit), Woodshed
21. Partisan Polka (Creatures of Habit), Woodshed
22. I'd Rather Be in Redding (live)
23. Our House (live)

24. Malvina Reynolds: What Have They Done to The Rain? (The Best of Broadside 1962 - 1988), Smithsonian-Folkways
25. Tom Paxton: What Did You Learn in School Today? (The Best of Broadside...)
26 (ticket giveaway to Newport) Levon Helm: Growin' Trade (Electric Dirt), Vanguard
27. Mike Millius: The Ballad of Martin Luther King (The Best of Broadside...)
28. Phil Ochs: We Seek No Wider War (The Best of Broadside...)
29. Arlo Guthrie: The Ballad of Victor Jara (The Best of Broadside...)

30. Marc Black: I Love You Rachel Maddow (Pictures of The Highway), self 31. Anne Feeney The Man I Voted For (download), sent by Ken Connors of Progressive Roots, Jacksonville FL
32. Todd Snider: This Land Is Our Land (Songs for The Daily Planet)
33. Peggy Seeger: Legal Illegal (Enough Is Enough), self
34. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

Sunday, July 18, 2010

7/18/10 Playlist

1. Natalie Merchant: The Dancing Bear (Leave Your Sleep), Nonesuch
2. Ensemble: Stealin' Stealin' (Jug Band Extravaganza), Folk Era
3. Black Prairie: Red Rocking Chair (Feast of the Hunters' Moon), Sugar Hill
4. Jim Murdoch: The Heart and The Feather (Yonder Shore), self

5. Lynn Miles: Rust (Black Flowers Volume 1-2), TrueNorth
6. Southpaw Jones: Wheat Threshers (Cruelty), self
7. Heather Masse: Be My Sailor (Bird Song), Red House
8. Tom Pacheco: 10 Cent Gas (Railroad Rainbows & Talkin’ Blues), self

9. Red Rooster: Borrowed Money (Walk), self
10. James McMurtry: You’d A’ Thought (Live in Europe), Lightning Rod
11. Oliver Schroer: Roses for The Lady (Hymns and Hers), Borealis
12. Nuala Kennedy: The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle (Tune In), Compass

13. Senator Robert Byrd: Roving Gambler (Mountain Fiddler), County Records
14. I See Hawks in L.A.: Byrd from West Virginia (California Country), self
15. Senator Robert Byrd: Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Mountain Fiddler), County Records

16. Laurie Lewis: How Can I Keep from Singing? (Blossoms), self
17. Darrell Scott: The Open Door (A Crooked Road), Full Light
18. John Gorka: Coshieville (Red Horse), Red House
19. Girsa: Rhythm of My Heart (Traditional Irish Music), self

20. LJ Booth: Pipeline (The Road That Leads Me Home), self
21. Eilen Jewell: You Ain’t Woman Enough (Butcher Holler), Signature Sounds
22. Dana and Susan Robinson: Big Mystery (Big Mystery), Threshold
23. Suzanne Vega: Some Journey (Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs), Amanuensis
24. TR Ritchie: An Ireland Left Behind (Wild Horses), self
25. Girlyman: Storms Were Mine (Everything’s Easy), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar, over selections from “Suite” by Kevin Burke & Cal Scott

26. Cheryl Wheeler: Summer Fly (Pointing at The Sun), Dias
27. Eliza Gilkyson: Promise Me (Red Horse), Red House
28. Matt the Electrician: Got Your Back (Animal Boy), self
29. The Primate Fiasco: Bourbon St. Parade (Geek Dreams), self

I bought this collection yesterday:
30 – 34 from The Best of Broadside, 1962 – 1988, Smithsonian Folkways
30. Pete Seeger: Mack the Bomb
31. Bob Dylan: John Brown
32. Phil Ochs: Freedom Riders
33. Malvina Reynolds: The Faucets Are Dripping
34. Wendy Smith: Time Is Running Out

35. LJ Booth: Box Elder (The Road That Leads Me Home), self
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

Friday, July 16, 2010

Article about Phil Rosenthal, including old video

From today's New Haven Register:


I'm sorry that comments aren't showing up, and that my responses aren't appearing either. Someday I'll figure it out....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

7/11/10 Playlist

1. John Prine: This Guitar Is For Sale (Twistable Turnable Man), Sugar Hill
2. Cherryholmes: Live It (IV: Common Thread), Skaggs Family
3. Mark Erelli / Jeffrey Foucault: Billy Gray (Seven Curses), self
4. Lynn Hollyfield: Climbing (Layers), self

5. Greg Trafidlo: Always A Train in My Dreams / Raised by The Railroad Line (Carved in Song), Kira
6. Kate Taylor: King of The Pond (Fair Time!), self
7. Michael Troy: Highway (Mill Town Boy), self
8. Kajsa Vala: Mississippi (Your Train), High Horse

9. Kathy Kallick Band: My House (Between the Hollow and the High Rise), Live Oak
10. Lou and Peter Berryman: The Stuff Song (Some Kinda Funny), Cornbelt
11. Catie Curtis: My Dad's Yard (Truth from Lies), Guardian
12. David Stoddard: Stuff (Get Off My Lawn.), self
13. Susan Trump: Pack Rat Blues (Live at Caffe Lena), self

It's her birthday:14 & 15. Suzanne Vega: (I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May & Harbor Song (Close-up Vol. 1, Love Songs), Amanuensis

I watched the documentary "The Cove" today:
16. Claudia Schmidt: Dolphin Story (Midwestern Heart), Flying Fish LP
17. Sam Bush: The Dolphin Dance (Laps in Seven), Sugar Hill
18. Kate Wolf: She Rises Like The Dolphin (The Kate Wolf Anthology), Rhino

19. Fred Eaglesmith: Sliver of The Moon (Cha Cha Cha), Lonesome Day
20. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Walk away From Love (Red Horse), Red House
21. Craig Werth: The Spokes Man (The Spokes Man), self
22. Truckstop Honeymoon: Homemade Haircut (Homemade Haircut), self

I can't stop.....
23 & 24. Truckstop Honeymoon: Latch Key Kid Recipe Book & Childhood Memories (Homemade Haircut)

More birthday fun:
25 & 26. Suzanne Vega: Gypsy & Marlene on The Wall (Close-Up Vol. 1, Love Songs), Amanuensis

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Wild Asparagus's "Live at The Guiding Star Grange," self

At Falcon Ridge's Emerging Artists' Showcase in a couple of weeks:
27. Wiggins Sisters: Killing America's Soul (Minnesota), self
28. John Wort Hannam: church of The Long Grass (Queen's Hotel), Black Hen
29. Shannon Wurst: Waiting for Your Water (What's More Honest Than A Song?), self
30. Rebecca Loebe: Avalanche (Mystery Prize), self

31. Paul Thorn: You Might Be Wrong (Pimps and Preachers), Perpetual Obscurity
32. Kathy Kallick Band: New White House Blues (Between the Hollow and The High Rise), Live Oak
33. Roy Zimmerman: Socialist! (Real American), Metaphor
34. Todd Snider: A Boy Named Sue (Twistable Turnable Man), Sugar Hill
35. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

Friday, July 9, 2010

Playlist July 4, 2010

John Sloan, Guest Host

1.Penelope Houston: Full of Wonder (Birdboys), Subterranean
2. Eddie from Ohio: Ghost of St. Georges Drive (A Juggler on His Blades), Virginia Soul
3. John Ewbank: 4th of July (Fast Folk – Keep On Keepin’ On), Fast Folk
4. Al Stewart with Dave Nachmanoff: Warren Harding (Uncorked), Wallaby Trails

5.Natalie Merchant: Bleezer’s Ice Cream (Lose Your Sleep), Nonesuch
6. Stephen Yerkey: Simple Things (Confidence, Man), Heyday
7. Chris Isaak: Pretty Girl Don’t Cry (Baja Sessions), Reprise
8. The Roches: La Vie C’est La Vie (No Trespassing EP), Rhino
9. Rebecca Loebe: Marguerite (Mystery Prizes), Self

10. Barbara St. John: Cycling Song (Cosmic Shindig), Self
11. Eric Brace & Peter Cooper: Omar’s Blues #2 (You Don’t Have to Like Them Both), Red Beat
12. Jesse Winchester: Twigs & Seeds (Nothing But A Breeze), Bearsville
13. Bill & Lorraine Liswell: Daddy’s Got the Archtop Blues (Wisdom’s Pearls), Self
14. Geoff Bartley: The Losing Part (Put the Big Stone Down), Magic Crow

15. Aimee Mann: 4th of July (Whatever), Imago
16 & 17. Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopfler: Red Dirt Girl & If This Is Goodbye (Real Live Roadrunning), Warner Bros.
18. Dave’s True Story: Marissa (Dave’s True Story), BePop
19. Richard Shindell: There Goes Mavis (Vuelta), Koch
20. Boo Hewardine & Darden Smith: South By Southwest (Evidence), Compass
21. John & Mary: July 6 (Victory Gardens), Ryko
22. Deadbeats: Cassidy (Acoustic), self
23 & 24. Ellis Paul: Airline Pilot Deadhead Story & Here She Is (Live), Philo
25. Shawn Phillips: Power of A Woman (No Category), SPV
26. Bob Dylan: Bye & Bye (Love & Theft), Sony
27. David Moore: Abandoned Love (Paupers, Peasants – Songs of Bob Dylan), Doghouse

28. Renaissance: Spare Some Love (Prologue), Capitol
29. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald: Silent Angel (From the Fire), Freewheel
30. Meklit Hadero: You & The Rain (On A Day Like This), Porto Franco
31. Leonard Cohen: Morning Glory (Dear Heather), Sony
32. Nick Drake: Saturday Sun (Five Leaves Left), Island
33. Van Morrison: Sweet Thing (Astral Weeks Live at The Hollywood Bowl), Listen to The Lion
34. Mary Chapin Carpenter: I Have A Need for Solitude (Age of Miracles), Zoe / rounder
35. Bill Frisell: Rag (Folk Songs), Nonesuch
36. Innocence Mission: When Mac Was Swimming (Befriended), Badman
37. Joni Mitchell: Sunny Sunday (Turbulent Indigo), Reprise