Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/25/07 Playlist

It's their birthday:
1. Margo Hennebach/ Mad Agnes: Green (Revenants), self
2. Bill Morrissey: Dangerous Way (Come Running), Turn and Spin 1125
3. Margo Hennebach: On Preacher Hill (Big Love), 1-800-PRIME-CD 042
4. Bill Morrissey: By the Grave of Baudelaire (Come Running), Turn and Spin 1125

Two songs with Copper-family stories:
5. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: Sunrise (A Sense of Place), Redwing Music 5409
6. John Copper with Sheila Chandra and Simon Emmerson: 'Ouses, 'Ouses, 'Ouses (The Imagined Village), Realworld 386727

7. Libana: Daroni (Out of This World), Spinning Records 006

Those Thanksgiving gatherings:
8. Anne Hills: May the Light of Love (Woman of A Calm Heart), Flying Fish 70464
9. Mark Rust: Thanksgiving Tyme (Home Fires), Catskill Mountain
10. Herdman / Hills / Mangsen: Uncle Dave's Grace (At the Turning of The Year), Hand and Heart Music 2000
11. John McCutcheon: Thanksgiving Day (Autumnsongs), Rounder Kids 8037
12. Lou & Peter Berryman: Whose Is Yours? (House Concert), Cornbelt CR 12

Those Thanksgiving concerns:
13. New St. George / Lisa Moscatiello, vocals: Time to Remember the Poor (A Holiday Feast), Hungry for Music 002
14. Joni Mitchell: Banquet (For the Roses), Asylum 5057
15. Tom Chapin: Hunger & Thirst (So Nice to Come Home), Sundance 004
16. Eric Bogle: Feed the Children (I Wrote This Wee Song), Rice Records 1
17. Tom Paxton: Feed the Children (Up & Up), Mountain Railroad 52792

But still, there is gratitude:
18. Eliza Gilkyson: Prayer 2000 (Redemption Road), Silver Wave 397
19. Anne Hills: Enough (Angle of The Light), Flying Fish 70648
20. Lisa Moscatiello: Now Be Thankful (Innocent When You Dream), Happy Cactus 001
21. Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune (Farewells & Fantasies), Elektra/Rhino 73518
22. Si Kahn: Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving), Strictly Country 63

Thanksgiving today, sometimes:
23. John Wesley: Thanksgiving (single -- passed along by Ed McKeon, I don't know its source)
24. Donna Hebert & Max Cohen: Thanksgiving Day (single), self
25. Thomas Pace: Thanksiving 1969 (If You Want to Be Heard, Speak Up), Break-Neck-Speed-Records
26. Roy Zimmerman: Thanks for the Support (single), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen's "Cross the Water," Sleepy Creek Music 105

27. Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen: Your Love (Cross the Water), Sleepy Creek 105

Some joy in living:
28. Kallet / Epstein / Cicone: Shake These Bones (Angels in Daring), Overall Music 1
29. David M. Bailey: I'm Thankful (Love the Time), self
30. Ethel Merman: I've Got the Sun in The Morning and The Moon at Night (Cast Album, Annie Get Your Gun), RCA LP
31. Mary Chapin Carpenter: I Feel Lucky (Come On, Come On), Columbia CK 48881
32. Kallet / Epstein / Cicone: Lucky Man (Only Human), Overall Music 2

Enjoy your leftovers, but beware!
33. Sally Rogers: Some Little Bug (Love Will Guide Us), Flying Fish LP
34. Claudia Schmidt: The Secret Life of Food (Live at The Bean -- Vol. 1), Vanilla Bean 101

They appeared in a concert that preceded the 20,000-strong protest at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia, last weekend:
35. Holly Near: Planet Called Home (Edge), Calico Tracks 004
36. Dave Lippman: Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs (I Hate Wal-Mart), Urgent Records 110
37. Charlie King: The War Has Been Coming Home (Stoking the Fires of Resistance)

38. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Playlist, Rockin' Rodeo, 11/24/07

1. Johnny Cash: Big River (At San Quentin -- Legacy Edition), Columbia ACK91925
2. Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams: Wind in The Valley (Something 'Bout You), Happy Appy 6
3. Robbie Fulks: The Buck Stops Here (Revenge: Standing), Yep Roc 2125
4. Ginny Hawker: I'll Not Be A Stranger (Letters from My Father), Rounder 0491

5. Hank Williams: A Mansion on The Hill (American Legends: The Best of The Early Years), Polygram 314 520 286
6. Kathy Mattea: Walk the Way the Wind Blows (Walk the Way the Wind Blows), Mercury 830 405
7. David Rea: The Gift (The Gift -- A Tribute to Ian Tyson), Stony Plain 1322
8. Anne Hills: Two of A Kind (Don't Panic), Flying Fish 70608

9. Robert Earl Keen with Shawn Colvin: Out Here in The Middle (Farm Fresh Onions), Koch/Audium 8191
10. Wynonna Judd: Just Like New (Tell Me Why), Curb / MCA
11. Teddy Thompson: My Blue Tears (Upfront & Down Low), Verve 8908
12. Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton: Lover's Return (Trio II), Asylum 62275

13. Todd Snider: Beer Run (New Connection), Oh Boy 023
14. Mary Chapin Carpenter: A Road Is Just A Road (Hometown Girl), Columbia CK 40758
15. Robin & Linda Williams: I'll Twine Mid The Ringlets (Radio Songs), Red House 204
16. Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum: The Oak and the Laurel (Duets -- A Prairie Home Companion), High Bridge

17. Lyle Lovett: The Truck Song (My Baby Don't Tolerate), Lost Highway 60833
18. Ray Bierl: Big Joe and Phantom 309 (Any Place I Hang My Hat), Greasy String 102
19. Patty Loveless: You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive (Mountain Soul), Epic EK 85651
20. Wayne Scott: I Wouldn't Live in Harlan County (This Weary Way), Full Light 05

21. Dixie Chicks: I Hope (Taking the Long Way), Columbia 80739
22. Collin Raye: What If Jesus Comes Back Like That (I Think about You), Epic EK 67033
23. Dixie Chicks: Travelin' Soldier (Home), Columbia CK 86840
24. Spicewood Seven: Crawford, Texas (Kakistocracy), Austin Recordings 70406

25. Marty Stuart with Mavis Staples: Move Along Train (Compadres), Universal Music 7376
26. Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters: Wanderlust (Phoenix), Happy Appy preview
27. Jed & Kelley: Waiting in The Wings (Songs to Take Home), self
28. Suzy Bogguss: Night Rider's Lament (Somewhere Between), Liberty 90237
29. Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters: Bb Polka (Phoenix), Happy Appy preview

Sunday, November 18, 2007

11/18/07 Playlist

1. The Gougers: Riding in a Lincoln Continental with Sylvia Plath (A Long Day for the Weathervane), self
2. Eddi Reader: Muddy Water (Peacetime), Compass 4449
3. Gordie Tentrees: Bottleneck to Wire (Bottleneck to Wire), self
4. Lynn Miles (New Hartford Library 12/1): Little Seahorse (Down at the Sea Hotel), The Secret Mountain 35

5. Alastair Moock: Fortune Street (Fortune Street), CoraZong 255 097
6. Claire Lynch: Hills of Alabam' (Crowd Favorites), Rounder 0600
7. Jimmy LaFave: Home Once Again (Cimarron Manifesto), Red House 203
8. Mary McCaslin (Sounding Board 11/24): Oildale (Better Late Than Never), self

Late autumn:
9. Robert Plant / Alison Krauss: Killing the Blues (Raising Sand), Rounder 9075
10. Priscilla Herdman / Anne Hills / Cindy Mangsen: Goodbye to the Roses (At the Turning of The Year), Hand & Heart Music 2000

World Kindness Week ends tomorrow -- should be World Kindness Eon:
11. Emmylou Harris: Cup of Kindness (Stumble into Grace), Nonesuch 79805
12. Richard Thompson: Hand of Kindness (Hand of Kindness), Hannibal 1313
13. Joan Baez: Be Not Too Hard (The Contemporary Ballad Book), Vanguard 2-LP set 49/50
14. Geoff Bartley: One Kind Word (One Kind Word), Waterbug 46

15. Anne Hills: Here Comes That Rainbow Again (Woman of A Calm Heart), Flying Fish 70464
16. Terry Kitchen: Life Is Hard Enough (Heaven Here on Earth), Urban Campfire 1010
17. Donna Martin: Goodness Everywhere (Seed & History), KSP
18. Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge over Troubled Water (Bridge over Troubled Water), The Columbia Studio Recordings 1965 - 1970), Columbia C5K 63815

19. Magpie: Good People (Give Light), Sliced Bread 71185
20. Blind Lemon Jefferson: One Kind Favor / See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Anthology of American Folk Music: The Harry Smith Collection), Smithsonian Folkways 40090
21. The Karma Farmers: My Beautiful Friend (CD-R), self
22. Keb' Mo': (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Peace ... Back by Popular Demand), Epic 92687
23. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Why Shouldn't We (The Calling), Zoe 1111

24. Donna Hebert & Max Cohen: Thanksgiving Day (single), Self
25. Faith Petric: Grandma's Battle Cry [for Miriam Butterworth] (Faith's Favorites), Center Records 104
26. Roy Zimmerman: Thanks for The Support (single), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from "Old Time Banjo Festival," Rounder 0584

27. Libana (Helen Hills Hills Chapel 11/30): Momice Hubavo (Out of This World), Spinning Records 006

Similar thoughts:
28. Nathan Moore: The Tanks (In His Own Worlds), Frogville 037
29. Anais Mitchell: Song of The Magi (The Brightness), Righteous Babe 053

30. Tim Robbins: All My Children of The Sun (Sowing The Seeds: The 10th Anniversary), Appleseed 1102
31. Emily Kurn: If I Am An American (Things Change), self
32. Garnet Rogers: Junior (Get A Witness -- Live), Snow Goose Songs 1133
33. James Gordon & Sons: Levee's Broken (Nine Green Bottles), Borealis 182
34. Tracy Grammer: Travis John (Book of Sparrows), self
35. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Playlist, Nov. 11, 2007

Veterans Day:
1. John Roberts & Tony Barrand: Great War Trilogy (A Present from the Gentlemen), Golden Hind 101
2. Garnet Rogers: 11:11 (Sparrow's Wing), Snow Goose Songs 1127
3. John Prine: Sam Stone (John Prine), Atlantic 19156
4. Roy Zimmerman: Thanks for The Support (single), self
5. James McMurtry: Can't Make It Here (radio edit), Compadre

It's Nancy White's birthday:
6. Nancy: Desaparecidos (Unexpected), LP, out of print
7. Cindy Mangsen: Open That Can (Cat Tales), Compass Rose 10
8. Nancy: Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring My Groceries In (Momnipotent), The Children's Group SANCD 1025
9. Suzy and Maddy Wilde: My God My Mom (Stickers on Fruit), Borealis 147
10. Cindy Mangsen: Daughters of Feminists (Songlines), Compass Rose 5
11. Nancy: The Eskimo Roll (preview single from Canoe Songs)

Help out your local food bank!
12. Tom Paxton: Feed the Children (Up & Up), Mountain Railroad 52792

Late autumn:
13. Joni Mitchell: Urge for Going (Hits), Reprise 46326
14. Anne Hills: When the Frost Is on The Punkin (Ef You Don't Watch Out), Collective Works 0504
15. John McCutcheon: Colors (Autumnsongs), Rounder Kids 8037
16. Anne Hills: Brown Leaves (Beauty Attends), Collective Works 0502
17. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Beautiful Racket (Between Here and Gone), Columbia CK86619

A couple of Mitchells who pretend to be radios and such:
18. Joni Mitchell: You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio (Hits), Reprise 46326
19. Anais Mitchell: Cosmic American (Hymns for The Exiled), Waterbug 58

18 Years On and Exxon Still Won't Pay $2.5 Billion for Valdez Oil Spill
20. Sally Roger & Howie Bursen: Cordova (When Howie Met Sally), Flying Fish 70538

Giveaway: a copy of
21. Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams (at the Sounding Board 11/17): Tear Stained Letter (Something 'Bout You), Happy Appy

An Americana winner and a song from a movie:
22. Darrell Scott: Hank Williams' Ghost (The Invisible Man), Full Light 0601
23. Polly Bolton with Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra: Call of The Siren (Ocean), SunSign 004

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Jeremy Kittel's "Roaming," self []

Climate change, global warming, whatever you want to call it...
24. Rory McLeod: Thirsting for War (Brave Faces), Talkative 002
25. Woody Guthrie: The Great Dust Storm, (Some Folk), Proper Box 115
26. Joni Mitchell: This Place (Shine), Hear Music 30457
27. Steve Eschleman: Planet Earth (Moving Mountains), Falling Mountain 1040
28. Grace Griffith: Bound by The Beauty (Minstrel Song), Blix Street G2 10068

Rosanne Cash having brain surgery:
29. with Johnny Cash: September When She Comes (The Very Best of Rosanne Cash), Columbia CK 86996
30. This World (Interiors), Columbia 77638
31. Tennessee Flat Top Box (The Very Best of Rosanne Cash), Columbia CK 86996

32. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Playlist, Nov. 4, 2007

Upcoming concerts for the first three sets:
1. Richard Shindell (Iron Horse 11/9): Senor [Tales of Yankee Power] (South of Delia), self]
2. (The Roches with) Lucy Wainwright Roche (Iron Horse 11/9): Long Before (Moonswept), 429 Records 17636
3. Girlyman (Iron Horse 11/10): Through to Sunrise (Joyful Sign), self
4. Maria Sangiolo (Blackstone River Theater 1pm & CT Audubon 7:30pm, 11/10): Celia Says (Under the Mystic Sea), Raging River 106

5. Nerissa and Katryna Nields (Sounding Board 11/10): Leave That Trouble Alone (Sister Holler), Mercy House
6. Sparky & Rhonda Rucker (U'n'I 11/10): Big Road Blues (Midnight Memories), TreMont 006
7. Geoff Kaufman (First Parish Church, Groton MA 11/10): Seven Wishes (Touchstones), Cob's Cobble 1007
8. Anais Mitchell (Stone Soup 11/10): Hades & Persephone (The Brightness), Righteous Babe 70532
9. David Mallett (Roaring Brook 11/10): Fishing (The Fable Tree), North Road 1807
10. John Roberts (appearing with Tony Barrand at Branford Folk Coffeehouse 11/10): Let the Bulgine Run / Sally in the Garden / Hog-Eye Man (Sea Fever), Golden Hind 108
11. Madeleine Peyroux (Garde Arts 11/17): I Think It's Going to Rain Today (Give Us Your Poor), Appleseed 1103
12. Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams (with Stillwaters, Sounding Board 11/17): Tear-Stained Letter (Something 'Bout You), Happy Appy

13 & 14. Michael Cooney (Green Rooster 11/10): Nogies Creek & Little Do You People Know (preview copy of Together Again), self

Rachael Davis and Dominic Suchyta welcomed a son on Aug. 29:
15. Rachael: Cocktail Wieners (Minor League Deities), Aunt Farm
16. Steppin' in It (with Rachael on vocals): Carolina Moon (Shout Sister Shout), self
17. Rachael with Brett Hartenbach: Walking Blues / Crossroads (Live), self

Coming to the Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts 11/16 & 11/17:
18. Charlie Musselwhite: Blues for Yesterday (promo)
19. North Mississippi All Stars: Mississippi Boll Weevil (promo)
20. Joe Krown: Big Chief / Mess Around (promo)
21. Mavis Staples: 99 and 1/2 (We'll Never Turn Back), Anti- promo

22. Levon Helm: The Mountain (Dirt Farmer), Vanguard 98442
23. Susannah Clifford Blachly: Come On Home (Come On Home), self
24. Steve Chizmadia: It's Always Texas (It Is What It Is), self
25. Rachel Ries: When Will You Be Mine? (Without A Bird), SoDak 001

More new:
26. Robin & Linda Williams: 50,000 Names (Radio Songs), Red House 204
27. Joe Jencks: Gasoline (The Candle and The Flame), self

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Glenn Roth's "Innovations," self

28. Garnet Rogers: Beyond This Wall (Get A Witness -- Live), Snow Goose Songs 1133

The "Lie" set:
29. Larry Cordle and Lonesome Standard Time: I'm A Lie (Took Down and Put Up), Lonesome Day 011
30. The WMDs / Christine Lavin: The Liar Sleeps Tonight (Happydance of The Xenophobe), Yellow Tail 10022
31. Chuck Brodsky: Liar Liar, Pants on Fire (Tulips for Lunch), Waterbug / self
32. Yikes McGee: The Liar (EP), self
33. Jay Mankita: They Lied (Dogs Are Watching Us), self

34 & 35. Nerissa & Katryna Nields: This Train & (Sister Holler), Mercy House
36. Amy Gallatin & Roger Williams: Wind in The Valley (Something 'Bout You), Happy Appy
37. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House 174

Thursday, November 1, 2007

NYTimes Movie Review of "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song"

Hammering Out Songs of Freedom (and Nuance)
By A. O. SCOTT, New York Times, October 26, 2007

As he ambles through his 80s, Pete Seeger has been collecting his share of tributes: honors at the Kennedy Center from President Bill Clinton; a paean from a fictional colleague in John Updike’s short story “Licks of Love”; a lively CD of folk songs from Bruce Springsteen and a gaggle of talented session players; a rousing song on Steve Earle’s latest album. Not that Mr. Seeger is one to sit around and bask in approbation. As the latest tribute — Jim Brown’s loving documentary, “Pete Seeger: The Power of Song” — makes clear, he’s still busy, still angry, still hopeful, still singing.

Mr. Seeger does not perform as much as he used to, and his reedy tenor has lost some of its force, but he still chops wood outside his home in the Hudson Valley, protests against war and plays the banjo about as well as anyone ever has. Those of us who grew up on his songs sometimes take him for granted, as our youthful enthusiasm for his versions of “Abiyoyo” and “Froggy Went a-Courtin’” give way to more sophisticated pleasures, like Mr. Springsteen or Mr. Earle. But Mr. Brown’s documentary reminds us, with admirable thoroughness, why we shouldn’t take Pete Seeger for granted.

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