Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/20/10 Playlist

1.Tim O’Brien: Moses (String Nation), String Nation
2. Zoe Mulford: Red Rocking Chair (Bonfires), Azalea City
3. Larry Murante: Mrs. Crouch (Point of Entry), self
4. Amanda Shires: Angels and Acrobats (West Cross Timbers), self

5. Adler & Hearne: A Hundred Years from Now (To the Heart), self
6. Dougie MacLean: Song for Johnny (Inside the Thunder), Dunkeld
7. Chely Wright: Notes to The Coroner (Lifted off The Ground), Vanguard
8. Merle Haggard: How Did You Find Me Here (I Am What I Am), Vanguard

9. Mindy Smith: Highs and Lows (Stupid Love), Vanguard
10. Ricky Skaggs: Branded Wherever I Go (Songs My Dad Loved), self
11. Louise Mosrie: I Love This World (Home), self
12. The Resophonics: Walk You Home (Last Long Winter), self

13 & 14. Linda Allen: Overland, 1852 & Runaround (Here’s to The Women), October Rose

15. Jamie Byrd: A Summer’s Night in June (Garden of Days), RoosterDog
16. Garnet Rogers: Under the Summer Moonlight (All That Is), Red House
17. Zoe Lewis: Summer’s Near (Small Is Tremendous), self
18. Greg Greenway: Summer Song (Live), FACE
19. Eliza Carthy: Whispers of Summer (Angels & Cigarettes), Warner Bros
20. Garnet Rogers: Summer Lightning (All That Is), Red House

It’s Mark Erelli’s birhday :
21. Mark: Everything in Ruin (Little Vigils), Hillbilly Pilgrim
22. Mark Erelli / Jeffrey Foucault: Philadelphia Lawyer (Seven Curses), self
23. Mark: Mother of Mysteries (Little Vigils), Hillbilly Pilgrim
24. Mark / Jeffrey: Louise (Seven Curses), self
25. Mark. Kingdom Come (Little Vigils), self
26. Mark / Jeffrey: Ellis Unit 1 (Seven Curses)

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from Conor Mulroy’s “Salinger,” self

Two current-events songs downloaded today:
27. Todd Burges: Another Song in The Key of C (private)
28. Sweet Honey in The Rock: Are We A Nation? (Center for Community Change)

29. Keller & The Keels: Rehab (Thief), self
30. Carole King & James Taylor: I Feel the Earth Move (Live at The Troubadout), Hear
31. Sid Selvidge: That’s How I Got to Memphis (I Should Be Blue), Archer
32. Anne Hills: Gardens (Points of View), Appleseed
33. Ruth Moody: The Garden (The Garden), Red House
34. Zoe Lewis: Breakfast in Bangkok (Small Is Tremendous), self
35. Si Kahn: Otis Is Flying (Courage), Strictly Country
36. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

Monday, June 14, 2010

6/13/10 Playlist

1. Nathan Blake Lynn: The Roundup Blues (Who Said The World's Fair?), self
2. The Clancy Legacy: The Gallant Forty Twa (The Clancy Legacy), self 3. Cathy Barton & Dave Para: Chinita / Willafjord (Sweet Journeys), Roustabout
4. The Avett Brothers: Spanish Pipedream (Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows), Oh Boy

5. Kajsa Vala: Mississippi (Your Train), self
6. Wes Weddell: Out of The Way (By the Side of The Lake), self
7. Sally Spring: Mentone, Alabama (Made of Stars), self
8. Susan Cowsill: Galveston (Lighthouse), Threadhead

9. Fred Gillen Jr.: Hallelujah (Match against A New Moon), self
10. Violet Vonder Haar: On A Day Like Today (The Wandering Fool), Big Canoe
11. Robert Rolfe Feddersen: Milk Man (Milk Man), self 12. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald: Dark Seed (From the Fire), Freewheel

13. Judy Collins: Golden Apples of The Sun (Maids & Golden Apples), Wildflower
14. Gordon Bok: The Fiddler of Dooney (Return to The Land), Folk-Legacy
15. Grace Griffith: Quiet Land / Innisfree (Grace), Blix Street
16. Phil Ochs: William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed (Farewells & Fantasies), Elektra / Rhino

17. Stephanie Davis: Talkin' Harvest Time Blues (Crocus in The Snow), Recluse
18. David Mallett: Garden Song (Inches & Miles), Flying Fish
19. Eric Kilburn: Anti-Garden Song (Carrying On), Wellspring LP

20. Karan Casey & John Doyle: The Nightingale (Exiles Return), Compass
21. Mason Brown: I Hate The Capitalist System (When Humans Walked The Earth), self
22. Mary Chapin Carpenter: 4 June 1989 (The Age of Miracles), Zoe Rounder
23. Jon Brooks: If We Keep What's Within Us, What's Within Us Will Kill Us, But If We Give What's Within Us, What's Within Us Will Save Us (Moth Nor Rust), self
24. Carolina Chocolate Drops: Hit 'Em Up Style (Genuine Negro Jig), Nonesuch
25. Jackson Browne / David Lindley: Mercury Blues (Love Is Strange), Inside

Dreaded Folk Calendar over Hanneke Cassel's "For Reasons Unseen," self

26. Ben Winship: What's the Matter With The Well (private download)
27. Amy Martin: It's About Oil (Live in Missoula), self
28. Cosy Sheridan: Don't Go in The Water (Grand Design), BWE
29. Sally Rogers & Howie Bursen: Cordova (When Howie Met Sally), Flying Fish
30. Magpie: Water (Circle of Life), Cue
31. Wes Wedell: Below (By the Side of The Lake), self

32 & 33. Sally Spring: It Don’t Make Sense & Boys in The Cornfield (Made of Stars), self
34. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

Monday, June 7, 2010

6/6/10 Playlist

Playlist, The Sunday Night Folk Festival, Sunday June 6, 2010:

1. Reckless Kelly: Bird on A Wire (Somewhere in Time), Yep Roc
2. Suzi Ragsdale: Pay Attention (Less of The Same), self
3. The Resophonics: Joy Comes Back (Diamonds in The Ground), self
4. Carrie Rodriguez: Dirty Leather (Live in Louisville), Luz Music

5. T.R. Ritchie: Money (Wild Horses), Apex
6. RUNA: Bedlam Boys (Jealousy), self
7. Martin Simpson: One Day (True Stories), Compass
8. Red Hen: Too Late for The Bacon (Crossing), self

9. Terri Hendrix: The Berlin Wall (Cry Till You Laugh), Wilory
10. Roy Zimmerman: Real America (Real American), Metaphor
11. Ruth Moody: Nest (The Garden), Red House
12. Vasen: Linnaeus Polonaise (String Nation), Arts & Media
13. Storyhill: Caught in A Mess (Shade of The Trees) Red House

It's the 77th anniversary of the opening of the first drive-in movie in Camden NJ:
14. Jim Henry: Drive-In Movie Picture Show (The Wayback), Signature Sounds
15. Nancy Griffith: Drive-In Movies and Dashboard Lights (A Portrait of An Artist), MCA
16. Fred Eaglesmith: Drive-In Movie (Drive-In Movie), Vertical

17. Beverly Smith and Carl Jones: Maybelle (Glow), Dittyville
18. Jill King: All I Want (Rain on Fire), Found-Her
19. Dennis Caraher: Closer to Death (Practicing Dying), Radio Boy
20. Christine Lavin: A Firefly's Life (Cold Pizza for Breakfast), Yellow Tail

21. Terri Hendrix: Hand Me Down Blues (Cry Till You Laugh), Wilory
22. Paul Curreri: Tight Pack Me Sugar (California), Tin Angel
23. Shelby Lynne: Home Sweet Home (Tears, Lies, and Alibis), Everso 24. John McCutcheon: Different (Untold), Appalseed

It's Holly Near's birthday -- all CDs on Calico Tracks
25. I Ain't Afraid (Edge)
26. No More Genocide (And Still We Sing)
27. with Ronnie Gilbert: Hay Una Mujer (And Still We Sing)
28. Somebody's Jail (Show Up)

The Dreaded Folk Calendar over selections from "String Nation," Arts & Media

9. Terri Hendrix: You Belong in New Orleans (Cry Till You Laugh), Wilory

A wetter warmer season, and bigger more numerous more bloodthirsty insects:
30. Mustard's Retreat: The Michigan Mosquitoes (A Resolution of Something), self
31. Bernice Lewis: The Alaska Mosquito (Paisley with Plaid), Sanctuary LP
32. Lou Nathanson: Mosquito ShowShowdown (Genetically Enhanced), Big Mosquito Music
33. Gideon Freudmann: River Skeeters (Adobe Dog House), Gadfly
34. Bill Staines: The Black Fly Song (Just Play One Tune More), Folk-Legacy LP
35. Dave Dowling: First Mosquito of Spring (Tail Feathers Up), Happy Valley Music
36. Joel Mabus: Mosquito Coast (Rhyme Scheme), Fossil

37 & 38. Roy Zimmerman: End of The Ship & Socialist! (Real American), Metaphor
39. Eliza Gilkyson et al: Peace Call (Land of Milk and Honey), Red House

Friday, June 4, 2010

Boston Music Festival / non-commercial radio

A wide spectrum of folkWUMB-supported festival celebrates a range of styles
By Scott Alarik, Globe Correspondent June 4, 2010

At first glance, it’s hard to see what connects the dizzyingly diverse acts at Sunday’s Boston Music Festival on the UMass-Boston campus in Dorchester. The lineup merrily spans genres and generations, with ’60s superstar John Sebastian and hot young Canadian folk-popsters Dala; guitar legend David Bromberg and avant-folk songwriter Anais Mitchell; searing roots-rocker Les Sampou and Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, with their self-described “punk-classical-hillbilly-Floyd.’’

But two crucial threads bind them together. First, they all fit under the vast canopy of modern folk music, which isn’t surprising, since the country’s only full-time folk station, WUMB-FM (91.9), is producing the festival. Second, it’s unlikely that any of these careers could exist without public stations like WUMB.

As Lovin’ Spoonful founder and leading light of the ’70s songwriter movement, Sebastian has had lots of mainstream airplay. But recent rootsy forays with his jug band, and an acclaimed collaboration with Dawg-grass icon David Grisman, were heard almost exclusively on public radio.

The rest is at